Freedom and Democracy go hand in hand

Freedom and Democracy go hand in hand.
In the countries of Latin Americans, it seems that their governments are often tempted by a small virus that contaminates even the brightest minds and the simplest minds, until it reaches a time of “Delirium Tremens”. Communism.
Communism; is an idea that sounds very good in words and even on paper, but in life it is nothing more than an impractical, failed and annoying doctrine. Where people starve to death and business are threatened until they disappear. It is the most suppressive government form that exists, in which the beggar benefits and the workers; those who produce, are punished.
For a simple reason,Production is the basis of morale. If a person is able to work, have a job and earn a decent and respectful living, he is FREE. This is the best way to survive in this world, it has been proven that it works and endures over time.
But this false idea “Communism” captivates and seduces many people, but only leads them to the deepest social ruin. It spreads like gunpowder; it poisons everything until it explodes in your face. After that, it is only necessary to rise from the ashes and fight again for Democracy.
Venezuela, being one of the countries with a long democratic trajectory in Latin America, took the bait a long time ago. It was bitten by the rattler until it was almost left, poisoned, to bleed out. But there is something that these communists did not count on: human beings are only in this life to survive. It is something innate in being; you cannot tear it away no matter how confused a person might be.It is the first basic impulse in life and nothing can change it. So why place a losing bet?
Venezuela is a beautiful, warm and beloved country, with a spectacular nature, but its best resource is its fighting people, who have decided to take the country back to democracy. Because they just want to step on a solid stone. Freedom.
“Support a government designed and run for all people”. L. Ronald Hubbard.