Fitness Connection – Complete Review

Are you worried about what gym to join? There are lots of options for you to which gym you can join but make sure the gym you are going to join should be the best one. According to my experience Fitness Connection is one of the best gyms that you can join today.

This gym has been in the US since 2011, and now it has gained more popularity. When it comes to workouts, we all become so lazy that we try to perform exercises at home, but that’s not a good option because when we are at home, we eat and exercise. 

I used to eat more and exercise less, and that was the main reason I was gaining more weight. At that time I didn’t know what I should do to reduce my weight, so one of my friends suggests me to join Fitness Connection. I have heard a lot about this gym, but like others, I was not ready to join the gym.

We all have that wrong concept in our mind that joining a gym is the waste of money and energy, but believe me, if you are ready to achieve your goals no one will stop you have a perfect body.

Being a 100kg chubby women, I was not sure if I can lose weight by joining Fitness connection. But I have to decide something because I was unfit and was having heart problems. Most of the time I had high blood pressure problems and sometimes It was just about the cholesterol level.

So I decided to join the fitness connection and believe me it was shocking to see so many people just like me struggling for losing weight. I was worried at the same time because what if I don’t have the courage to lose weight but believe me it’s just on your head.

My first day at Fitness Connection

My first day at fitness connection was pretty good because I was on 5-day trial and we all love to use those things that don’t demand money. The first day I was not aware of what should I have to try, and suddenly two trainers came to me and gave me all the details about the fitness.

I was amazed to see how they were giving me details about the diet because most of the trainers don’t know what to eat. They give you a diet that doesn’t suit you.

My first five days were gone good because it was a great experience for me. Finally, I decided to join a fitness connection as I was ready to have a perfect bikini body.

Tip: Before you join any gym make sure to have at least 5-7 day trial to see if spending money is worth trying.

There are many options that you can find in Fitness Connection because they have a variety of exercises and workouts for you. Some people decide to choose their package, but I decide to choose what they were asking me to do.

I was inspired by the motivation speech that one of their trainers gave me. So overall I can say that it was a great experience and it has been two years now I am part of this gym. Now I am almost 60kg and believe me fitness connection is the one behind this success.

Fitness connection review

I am sure you have heard about the story that I have mentioned above. Not it’s time to pass my reviews on this gym. Believe me; this gym is the perfect place for you because it helps you to achieve your goal in a short time.

They have opened my places, and you don’t have to worry about if this place is so far. You can see the map and even can visit their website to check their 36 locations.

They are not just best but also perfect where you can lose your weight. If you are pregnant and afraid to join a gym, then fitness connection has all the facilities for you. Their trainers will train you, and even they have doctors too for your help.

If you are a new mom and don’t want to leave your kid behind then, don’t worry because there is a separate corner for kids where you can leave them to play with other kids.

There are lots of other facilities like lockers, kids place area, swimming pool, and special equipment. The best thing about this gym is that no matter which age group you belong to the train you in a better way.

I have seen many people around 60-80 who are training with me, and fitness connection knows what is better for them.

They have separate areas for women as well if you are a shy person and don’t want to train with men, and then this can be the best option for you. 

How to get the membership?

If you are new and don’t know how to get the membership, then you can visit their website. They have complete details on how to get the membership. They are associated with different health platforms so you can also get a free membership from those clubs too.

Fitness connection membership starts from $9, and the monthly fee is around $19.99. You can even buy their annual packages, and I am sure they will discount you on that.

Annual membership doesn’t have any fee so make sure to choose that package. They don’t charge for canceling the membership but make sure you have to send a notice within 30 days before canceling the membership.

In case you don’t want to continue after three months than fitness connection would help you to get the money back.

Do they offer any Guest Pass?

If you are not ready to join the gym and want to check it for a few days, they offer 5-day trial where you can get complete knowledge about the gym. Furthermore, they are open to guess pass, but you have to pay some fee for that.

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