April 1, 2020

Fight to be Happy.

Nothing in life is free, not even happiness. Happiness is what everyone wants but few know how to achieve. In 90% of the self-help books out there, one big thing is missing.
That vital piece of information can transform lives.
Happiness is made up of several components if you are missing any of the parts it can throw you off your game.
Happiness is the chemistry going on in your brain and gut decided by levels of vitamin D, serotonin, dopamine, endorphins, oxygen, melatonin, DMT, and of course hormones like oxytocin.
To get all the ingredients isn’t easy in this overworked fast-paced world. You can’t just expect happiness to magically appear riding a unicorn one day and yet that is exactly what most people do. They think if they just get that job, or find that special someone meant only for them in the vast universe of fleshy humans then they will be happy.
Let me burst your bubble. It doesn’t work like that. Life isn’t a fairytale. Happiness doesn’t come forever after conquering some dragon or marrying a princess, it has to be earned daily.
Your stomach is a large part of (no, I’m not calling you fat) whether or not you are happy. Ninety percent of serotonin is produced in the digestive tract. If you don’t take care of your digestion, it can make you miserable, so try to eat a salad once in a while and that choking down those raw greens is just the first battle.
The cheapest and possibly the easiest component of happiness to obtain is vitamin D. Vitamin D is a good excuse to lay out in the sunlight every day for fifteen minutes working on your tan. Let the sun soak that vitamin into your pores along with all that delicious warmth.
Of course, there’s a good chance you are pressed for time like most people in the modern world so you might want to skip the laying down part and add in an activity. Running, swimming, anything to get your heart racing and blood pumping!
Just a little bit of exercise in the bright sun adds three ingredients to your chemistry set of happiness. Oxygen, endorphins and that wonderous vitamin D. Plus it transfers some of that serotonin out of the delicious salad you just ate and into your bloodstream!
Next, if you are reading this or like most people you have a phone, computer or some other device it produces a blue light (even when the screen isn’t blue!) This is a wavelength of light that inhibits the brain’s production of melatonin. Luckily you can find a bottle of melatonin to make up for your screen time in just about any pharmacy or grocery store. One or two pills a half hour before bed and you will have the resources for your brain to clean itself while you sleep.
Sleep gets rid of the neurotoxins we produce by being a highly intelligent species that turns glucose aka sugar into all sorts of awesome thoughts and observations. I mean we could get into acetylcholine, adenosine, and other factors of thought but let’s k.i.s.s. instead. (Keep it stupid simple)
After all who doesn’t love to kiss?
Speaking of kissing, we’ll get to those “special” ingredients in a second.
First, we need to focus on, “just sleeping,” together a bit longer. Sleep is where you get that fabulous dose of DMT. This is the drug your body produces even if you’re super straight-laced and never wanted to do drugs. DMT is a hallucinogenic molecule that makes people dream and resets the brain.
If you don’t naturally produce enough DMT it can cause anxiety, depression and mental fog but unfortunately, despite being one of the safest drugs in the world when taken correctly doctors in the USA still aren’t allowed to prescribe it.
This is where the arduous tasks of yoga and meditation come into play. Meditation can increase your body’s natural production of DMT. Trippy!
Speaking of the dream molecule it’s time we get back to the fun stuff. Touching, kissing and bedroom gymnastics!
Just holding hands with someone can increase your levels of oxytocin! Staring deeply into someone’s eyes can increase THEIR oxytocin! Yep, you can make someone else happier just by giving them a smile and intense eye contact! Maybe that’s what they mean when they say happiness is contagious!
Bedroom gymnastics will pretty much send you over the top if you have an adequate supply of the other ingredients in your life but it’s important to note this is only if the gymnastics are performed in conjunction with some type of grounding structure.
What I mean is like any drug “the hits,” your body produces naturally can be amplified by adrenaline and guilt creating an addiction similar to heroin. This is what happens when people cheat. They literally get addicted to cheating and this is a life-destroying addiction that doesn’t just hurt the addict.
Each of the happy ingredients needs to be balanced through the body’s natural checks and balance. When people throw off the balance of chemicals by taking drugs like cocaine they reduce the effectiveness of the happy chemistry giving them high highs and low lows and lower normals that make life much harder to deal with.
With time and patience, the body can return to normal but it’s going to take eating right, exercise, good friends, and commitment.
There’s a lot of stuff I glossed over. To learn more about cheating and addiction read Stan Tatkin Your Brain On Love: The neurobiology of healthy relationships
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Thanks so much for reading! Now go get that Happiness!!!!

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