What Happens at the Time of Eye Donation?

Eye Donation

Pledging Your Eyes To Help Someone After Your Death.

What is Eye Donation?

Eye Donation is the donation of eyes of your family member at the time if death so that vision of two people suffering from corneal blindness can be restored.
What is the process to pledge one’s eyes?
To pledge your eyes you just need to fill up a simple half -page eye pledging form. Now is a very good time to talk to your family about donation and seriously consider donation your eyes. You will get an eye card which you can keep in your wallet for references in the event if an accidental death. please remember , a shortage of corneas exists today because pledged donors forget to tell families of their wishes. The eyes can be donated up ti 6 hours after death.
Who Can Donate Eyes?
The great thing about corneal tissues is that everyone can donate . your blood type doesn’t have to match. It does not matter what color your eyes are.

What Happens at the time of eye donation?

When Consent is given for eye donation , it means that a trained professional who works with the eye bank will remove the eyes within a few hours after death. At the time of death ,the family members need to call the eye bank . Eye removal is surgical procedure performed under sterile conditions and typically takes an hour to complete. Trained Eye Bank Personal come to the residence of deceased and remove the eyes from the dead. He also takes a 10 ml blood sample for testing for possible infections.