Explore the culture and traditions of Goa

Goa, also dubbed as “Rome of the East” is without any doubt the most rocking and happening tourist destination nestled amid the vast expanse of Indian Territory.

Colonized by the Portuguese visitors about 450 years ago, the cultural dominance of Goa comprises mostly of Christian ethnicity.

However, the state is also popular for its ethnic diversity and cultural richness. People from all over the country and even beyond visit this place to have a gala time. Goa is also popular for newly-weds who choose to stay at the luxury private villas in Goa for couple.

The History

Apart from being a Portuguese colony, Goa flaunts a fascinating past that dates as far back as 3rd Century BC.

This state was a major part of Mauryan Empire given the wide river base and natural harbours in the area for trade. It was only in the year 1987 that Goa bagged the status of being a state with Konkani as its regional language.

Regardless of the multi-cultural diversity of the state, Goa still boasts a distinctive culture catered towards the young at mind.

Life & Culture

People residing in Goa are termed as Goans. This small yet crucial state in the western coast of India is benefitted in trade aspect given its accessible ports.

Goa has the best of both worlds where the East & West come together. It is a civilization comprised of happy and warm people from different religions like Catholics, Muslims, Christians, and Hindus as well. People at Goa celebrate every festival with equal pump and enthusiasm.

Food Culture in Goa

Drinks and food serve as an integral faction of the vibrant culture of Goa. The staple food of Goa is rice and Goan Fish Curry. The dish brings warm flavours of coconut with spices added to the fresh seafood.

The locals as well as the visitors enjoy the delicacies here which include crabs, prawns, and kingfish with traditional spicy delectable marination. Another favourite delicacy of this area is pork and beef roast.

Apart from food, liquor here is very affordable with the highest of quality.

At Goa, you can also enjoythe local fermented drink known as Feni which is made from fermented cashews. So, one can enjoy amazingly priced drinks with great food as they lay by the beach.

Luxury Accommodations

Goa is all about providing you utmost comfort with scenic views at most luxury private villas at affordable prices.

Depending on your budget, you can either rent a bed in a hostel or if you are a honeymoone looking for exquisite accommodation, you can book luxury private villas in Goa for couple with popular service providers such as Villa Humble Rock.


Unlike the cosmopolitan cities based in India, the Goans know how to live life to the best. The locals here practice farming of common food items such as coconuts, cashew, several grains, and jackfruit.

Apart from that, the locals also invest in businesses such as local shacks, guest houses, and tourist guides. During offseason, the locals sustain by cultivating grains and crops.

Given the fact that a big fraction of the tourists coming down to Goa are couples, many local folks also invest in business from luxury private villas in Goa for couple that are very popular in the area especially near the beaches.

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