Everything You Need To Know About Feminism

It is a belief that women should have social, political and economic equality with men. It also refers to the gain of equality within a male and female. In a relationship between male and female both the roles of male and female should be equal. Just like some of the below mentioned points.


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  • They should share responsibilities
  • Respect each other
  • Love one another equally
  • They should trust each other
  • Last but not the least listen to one another

Now days this type of relationship is not found because of the traditions which imply that women are inferior to men. It is believed that women are just for pleasure, should stay at home watch TV serials, make food for their tired husbands and take care of children. It’s not like women hate doing this, but sometimes they need appreciation and help from their better half. If both male and female are working it is believed that women should do all the work. Here comes the word equality or feminism. It’s not like feminism means “we hate men”. It means equality of both the genders. No one is inferior everybody is equal.

Most of the times men think that women can’t do the same as they do, like being president, or picking up boxes. There will always be a thought that men are stronger than women. No doubt some things are done by men only. But there are some jobs women might do the exact same thing that men do. Men are paid more than women even if it’s an insignificant amount. Many people disapprove of it there are still jobs that are out there. There are many employers too who think the same. Many feminists are working to solve this problem as well.

Feminism doesn’t mean to put women over men. It is the movement for equal rights. It is a social movement that asks us to consider it seriously and listen to stories of women who have experienced oppression in variety of ways. When more women contribute economies grow and world benefits. It’s important to protect the rights of women and empower them with equal opportunities. This is what it looks like to stand for gender equality. This is what feminism strives to do.

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