Everydayness and The Struggle for Love 

Everydayness and The Struggle for Love

So many of us want love, romance and great attraction: to be swept off our feet, blown away, riveted. And really, passion is good for life; for the soul. We dream bigger and reach more into life in so many ways when we are inspired. When we soar, there is art.

It seems unreal, almost. Something to read about or see in a movie. We have these moments in our lives: the flushes of intense emotion, the flashes of joy. Every one of us at some moment has stretched beyond what was our usual boundaries and done something extraordinary. So; love.

But in everyday life we sometimes struggle to stay true to this heightened state. Perhaps there is a more stable way to love day to day. To help each other with life’s chores and to share dreams and aspirations when the rent is due, the electric bill has gone up and the car is in the shop, is an entirely other form of love. It puts living one’s love to the test, though love can be a joy and a comfort during times of stress.

There are joys as well in just knowing how your mate takes their coffee, and what part of the newspaper they read first, in seeing their boots at the door on a snowy day, or hearing their laugh. There is satisfaction in helping some one through the step by step moments that move us through all the aspects of living.

My favorite definition of love is, “…an intensity of happiness addressed in a certain direction.”

it is from Self Analysis by L. Ron Hubbard. It reminds me to look outward to see love.

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