10 Bomb Messages Students Hide in Essays to Get A+

Writing quality essays isn’t just about putting words to paper. It is also getting to know bomb messages that hook readers. Therefore, assuming that you are using homework done to help with crafting a top-notch essay, which messages will you want them to drive home?

Well, apart from the usual writing approach that involves choosing a good topic, doing research, getting an appropriate outline, creating a list of preferences and formatting, there is more to being an exceptional essayist. It boils down to hiding bomb messages in a write-up and making sure they are overt enough not to look obvious and also not exposed toEssay Writing Tips seem exaggerated. Your main goal: Write a paper that reeks of high-level creativity, great personality and awesomeness.
Now, taking into account the above, it is time you got down to digging up real writing gem and start using bomb messages in essays for better grades. Take a look.

Find your tone and tweak it whenever necessary

One of the biggest mistakes students make when it comes to writing essays is trying to sound like some great author. It happens even in speeches. But, that wouldn’t get you farther than earning yourself average marks. With tonal variation, essays move from boring to exciting.

Most importantly, finding your voice would make you stand out from the rest. Soon enough, your teacher can say with confidence ‘you have a voice and personality in writing.’ Wouldn’t it be an awesome accolade? No, doubt, it will.

Make use of quotes

There is a big difference between a student who writes essays that are devoid of creativity and another who uses quotes. Just like dialogue, quotes make a write-up interesting and a promising reading journey. On your part as a writer, you earn credibility. It, therefore, goes that quotes make for bomb messages great essayist use to get the best marks.

Employ humour

Humor turns boring reading journeys into thrill and excitement. It is, therefore, another bomb message students use to breathe life into essays.
Break it down
Another message you can drive home in a write-up, albeit, overtly is using an essay structure. It makes reading easy, presents argument clearly and makes everything easy to understand.

Use appropriate font

Fonts can be annoying and may be the reason why you are yet to get A+ in essays. For print, font type is a bomb message for better grades, and usually Georgia or Times new roman does the trick. For a soft copy, Calibri, Arial or Verdana will do your write-up great justice.

Make use of 3Ws

3Ws also known as the rule of three is a powerful way to present a bomb message in a write-up. It is all about what, why, and where. Define your thesis, explain it and give coherence and cohesive reading direction.

Power words

Power words emphasize points, whether in speech or writing. A look at some of Winston Churchill’s speeches will help you learn how to make the most of words such as suffering, victory, crime, dark, ordeal and struggle. They breathe power into words and make you a writing intellect.

Use dialogue

Dialogues remains a bomb message top writers use to get better grades in essays. They make a write-up come alive, and powerfully engaging.
Use words with the same sounds

Whether it is alliteration or consonance, students that make use of words that sound similar in essays are more likely to get better grades than those who do not.

Be crisp with words

Do not run the risk of wordiness or verbosity in writing. You will lose someone reading your essay in the first few paragraphs because of incongruent paragraphs and vague sentences. Rather, vary your writing with crisp, short and powerful words to drive home bomb messages in essays.

Final Thoughts

Writing quality essays needs practise perfecting your skills. And when you know how to use bomb messages such as the ones explored in this post, a paper writer such as Ibuyessay.com will only be useful once in a while.

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