Engineering Solution Around All The Industries With High Professional Service And Training

IEQS provides service among industrial, public infrastructure, inspection and energy management in various industries. It did the industrial service, oil, and gas service, power and utilities, nuclear, automobiles, shipbuilding and marine, petroleum and refinery service all over . ndt courses in Chennai in the level 1, level 2, advanced NDT level 1, level 2, special courses, API course, ISO Audits, Traning, timetables. Here the specified services in visual testing, penetrant testing, magnetic particle testing, eddy current testing, alternative current testing. It has the passion to do the work in felid with care and love. Having the faster vision to get path soon as possible. It has the solution to every problem occurs in industries. The reliability is the power to manage the works, it has the managing power to employ the schedule. The way doing is innovated with high intelligence works.
Customers, clients feedback is necessary for quality work, it has the record of clients with assault performance in the work field. The standard quality assists reached up a big place to ideas for good work. the values of training are proven in the way of work. So here find the proven way of work with goals. Providing solution for every problem that created in future for an instant answer. Works to win and achieve the state of being with excellent work with faster response. The exceeded gates of failure are fallen because of large mission mentality. Providing consultancy to all the level of training. Excel in industrial, training, services and career. Training provides an excellent opportunity for a student in NDT. Comes with theory and practical way of teaching for great opportunities. Will get them off-campus at college or office. NDT provides qualified inspectors for inspection. Here good service with good training is on the way to enter into the core field.