8 Effective Ways to Cut Down Your App Development Cost by Half!

Let’s be honest. We all expect some discount on the expenses without compromising on the quality and quantity. And when talking about a cost-cutting on app development, the urge becomes more prevalent.


After all, the answer to how much does it cost to make an app is not digestible to all. Not everyone is ready to pay an app price equivalent to yearly income of people like you and me, which implies everyone feels stressed when investing in the application.

cost-cutting on app development

Well, though there is no as such magic to get a mobile application delivered at the cost of chocolate or flower, the following  5 ways will definitely help you to make a significant difference in the app cost.


Market Research

The foremost method to lower down the expenses of developing an application is to perform extensive market research. When you dwell into the research part, you come to know if your app idea will rock in the market or sink like Titanic. You understand when and how to make an investment in app development such that you gain maximum results.



It might be surprising for you that the mobile app development cost vary as per the location you are targeting. If you are planning to make your app from developed nations or inhouse, the cost will be higher when compared to that of building app from developing countries or some app development company that offers outsourcing services.


Mobile App Development Company

The decision of which mobile app development company to hire also make a considerable difference in your app budget. If going with a freelancer of small-cap agency, the proposed cost might be low, but there will be challenges and hidden cost. Likewise, established large-cap companies will demand a higher amount but with no hassle.


In such a scenario, it is better to compare services with the cost and then decide the right app partner – better to go with a medium app development company to get the best of both.


Cross-Platform Development Approach

The power of Cross-platform app development approach leaves a significant impression on the app cost, when it comes to making an app for multiple platform. The approach aids in coding a single app that works effectively on both Android and iOS platform instead of developing both the applications individually using native technologies.


And this can be proved with the fact that a cross-platform app developed using React Native lowers the app cost by 30% of that associated with native application development.


Code Re-usability

Though not completely, the app cost can be lowered down by some extent by reusing the exciting code. This is possible because the cost to make an app depends highly on the number of hours required for coding. When you reuse the code of pages like ‘Sign up’, ‘Log In’ and ‘Contact Us’, you reduce the time required for coding, which eventually lessen down the app price too.


MVP Release

Developing an MVP (Minimum Viable Product) is yet another effective method to cut down the cost and hassle to enter the mobile market. The MVP, also considered as the smallest version of the mobile application, helps you to test the core app idea and the basic app functionalities without developing a fully-fledged application. And that too at 1/xth of the mobile app development cost.


This practice helps you to test your app idea, make an early entry to the market, get better user insights as well as save money that would have been wasted if the fully-fledged mobile app you were planning to build had failed to hit the market as expected.


Agile methodology

Seeing the rising competition and turbulence of the market scenario, preferring Agile app development approach is also an effective method to cut down the cost to make an app. When you go with Agile, you split the complete app project into small independent chunks which are developed individually and tested before taking the project to the next level. This approach results in faster development, a lower dependency of team members on each other, extensive testing, and minimal risk if the market trends changes and you have to upgrade your app idea accordingly.


Consistent Testing

It might sound absurd, but investing your time, efforts and funds into the quality assurance process can save your money in the long-run. It can aid you in developing a bug-free application, which means lower risk of app failure and lesser requirement of app maintenance.

Now as you know, some of the proven to launch a mobile app in the market without making a hole in your pocket, don’t sit back idle. Explore the potential of these ways, look forward to introducing them into your mobile app development project and generate better outcomes.

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