Do Banner Signs Really Work For Advertising?

In the era of internet technology where everything is shifting online, it is essential to know whether offline advertising work or not. Banner signs are a traditional form of advertising the many businesses still use for promotion of their brand, products or services.

Some companies in Brisbane prefer online advertising over physical banner signs as it is easy to manage. With a variety of available platforms and services, many businesses are shifting towards online advertising. However, banner signs are still relevant for advertising and work for a variety of companies.

Form creating brand awareness to the promotion of products, services and events banner signs can benefit businesses in many ways. This post shares some reasons why banner sings still work for advertising.

Brand awareness

A brand is the most essential element of any business. Creating a brand is essential for startups and small businesses. People always want to buy from the brands they know well and trust. Banner signs are excellent for creating brand awareness in any target location. Once people come to know about your brand, they will not hesitate to buy from your business.

Advertising for events

If you want to organize an event and advertise to invite people, there is no other way better than banner signs. There is a lot of noise in online advertising, while the offline banner signs can draw the attention of people towards your event. In addition to advertising for the event you can also promote your products and services in the event. Most businesses use banner signs for the promotion of their brand and offerings in trade shows.

They are versatile

The banner signs such as mesh banners and vinyl banner are highly versatile. You can customize them according to your advertising needs in terms of design, shape and size. The customization of shape and size is not much available in online advertisements.

You can create the small banner for indoor use in a retail store, shop or restaurant and large banners for outdoor advertising of your business. For example, if you want to advertise in shopping malls, you can use hanging banners, billboards for intersections and high traffic areas, mesh banners for fencings, etc.


The cost of advertising is a major issue for every business, especially for startups and small businesses. Startups and small businesses have a low marketing budget. Companies can create their banner signs within their budget, and the cost is usually low as compared to TV and radio commercials.

Startups in cities like Brisbane can choose low-cost banner signs like vinyl banners for advertising. One can have a shop signage Brisbane as low as 20 dollars and get multiple banners to advertise in the entire city. Banner signs are cost-effective as compared to the advertising on TV, radio, newspaper and magazines.

Continuous Advertising

The online platforms like Google Adwords and social media ads display your advertisement for a limited number of times. However, the banner signs like mesh banners, vinyl banners and billboards continue to advertise your brand and products or services.

Moreover, in the online platforms, you need to run your ad, again and again, to make people remember your brand. Once you install the banner signs, you don’t need to repeat anything, and people will see your ad whenever they pass before your signage.

Target advertising

Although online platforms also offer the option of target advertising, the banner signs hit the target more accurately. If you want to advertise in a particular location, the physical signs can do it in the best way. Even in the remote areas where internet facility is not available, the physical banner signs work well for promotion of any business. You can target any location whether rural or urban with the help of physical banners.

Digital Banners

In earlier times, the banner ads were not much useful for businesses that change their offers frequently. Changing the banner signs for food chains and restaurants is difficult. Digital banner signs allow such businesses to change their advertisements any time. For example, they can change the ad of their food menu every day as they change their food items.

Getting online traffic

The banner signs can also help you bring traffic to your website, blog and social media pages. You can mention the URL of your website and social media pages in your advertisement. Moreover, businesses can display their QR codes on their banner ads that people can scan to visit their online landing pages.

Final Words

These points describe the relevance and importance of banner signage for businesses. Banner signs if used effectively can bring traffic to your websites and customers to your store. The versatility of banner signs allows the enterprises of any size to advertise their brand, products, and services for any location and demographics.

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