5 Disadvantages of playing Sudoku



Sudoku is one of the most popular games when it comes to brain games and puzzles. Sudoku is a Japanese name but it was introduced in Switzerland and then was promoted to the rest of the world. People who have a thing for Sudoku just love solving the puzzle and love different and tough challenges that they encounter. They do everything they can to find different and new puzzles every day. Many studies have shown that the game is very addictive and once you are addicted to it, you don’t even think of any other games and just keep on playing Sudoku. Websites like the Sudoku Kingdom give new puzzles every hour which is very exciting. Though Sudoku has many advantages, there are many disadvantages of the game as well which cannot be ignored. We are discussing below 5 disadvantages of playing Sudoku which will enlighten your mind.





  • Addiction


The addiction to Sudoku is very bad. Since the players are thrown new challenges every day, they get addicted to the game. There are various competitions as well which are organised on local levels which invite Sudoku players to compete with each other to show their talent. As they say “Addiction to anything is bad” so addiction to Sudoku might hamper your personal life as well as your professional life. Also, you are not bothered about anything else while you are actively involved in solving the puzzle which is not healthy at all. Games are to be played to an extent and excess of everything is bad.



  • Disturbs routine life


The addiction of Sudoku sometimes goes to such an extent that people stop going to work and just keep on playing the game without worrying about their personal and professional life. It has been noticed that due to the addiction, people even skip meals and other routine activities like exercise, bathing and other important activities that leaves a huge impact on their day-to-day life and also affects the lives of the people who are associated to them like their family members.



  • Impacts physical and mental health


When the person is busy playing Sudoku all the time, he most likely skips his meals and other important that is necessary to keep him fit and healthy which leaves a very bad impact on the fitness and health. Also, since the addicted Sudoku player is busy solving the puzzle all day and doesn’t leave their house, they go into depression gradually and sometimes the mental sickness grows to an extent where they have to visit a psychiatrist.



  • Bad for children


Although, it has been seen that Sudoku has a very positive effect on the minds of the school going students and children but if the game is played excessively and under no limit, it tends to deviate the mind of children from studies and other important routine work. The child stops going to the school and playground and spends all his time playing and solving Sudoku puzzle. This hampers the child’s growth and also detaches him from the rest of the world which is not a good thing at all.



  • Not for everyone


One of the bad things about Sudoku is that this puzzle is not for everyone. This means, if your a poor mathematical skill, this game is surely not for you. Although, if you are patient and keep on solving the puzzles every day, you will surely get into the rhythm, still, the basic requirements of the game needs you to be a person with decent mathematical skills. This is the reason, not everybody likes this game and some people who don’t understand it, even hates it.



Although Sudoku has some extraordinary benefits, the disadvantages of it cannot be ignored as well. If the game is played under proper care and measures, it can definitely be super entertaining for you.

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