What is The Best Acne Treatment Program in West Palm Beach?

The best program is the one that works for you! I am serious! Dr. Dahabra who is an Acne treatment specialist in West Palm Beach will evaluate your unique situation. He’ll assess what worked and didn’t work for you in the past. He will then plan an individualized plan for you to give you the best chance of clearing your acne.

There are a lot of programs and modalities out there that would work to a certain extent for some patients but not others. If you have already tried some of the treatments, you would agree I am sure. The reason for that is that we are all different. Our genetics is different. The causes of Acne differ among patients. The way our body reacts to treatments and metabolizes products also varies.

Having said that we found that the Face Reality program West Palm Beach is one of the most benign and effective programs out there. This program depends heavily on eliminating the root causes of Acne. Face reality program depends heavily on natural ways, products, and Facials to clear Acne.

Beverly Hills Wellness Center & Med Spa is an Acne treatment Center of excellence that takes advantage of Face Reality’s simple but hugely successful program. It is also one of the most affordable and successful programs out there which makes it irresistible.

In addition to the Face Reality program West Palm Beach, we also utilize other available options. Face reality program has a high success rate by itself. Combined with other treatments if necessary will even skyrocket the success rate further.

So what is Face Reality West Palm Beach:

Elimination step: We will give you instructions for what to avoid. A lot of the products that we use daily can flare up the Acne. We will provide you with a recommendation of what to use for makeup, shampoo, detergents, and other products.

Office treatments: There is a bimonthly facial treatment component. The protocol varies from individual to individual depending on the type of Acne.

Products for home use: We carry the face reality excellent skin care products to use at home. This step is as important as the other ones.


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The best success rate is achieved in the most compliant patients. The more serious you are about following the recommendations, the higher is your chances of obtaining the best result.

In addition to the above program, sometimes we recommend other modalities as:

-Elimination diet



-Topical and systemic antibiotics

-Hormone therapy

-Topical and systemic steroids

-Laser treatment

The success rate with the face reality West Palm Beach program is very high. You will rarely need other types of treatments.

Our goal is to clear you from Acne with more natural ways and do our best to avoid treatments that carry side effects.

Do you have any comment or question? Do you have any personal experience you would like to share? We value your opinion. Please leave us any input you might have.

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