Delicious Strawberry Desserts for Summer Parties

Summers are here, and this marks the official return of strawberries. Just like me, Do you also love summers just because it brings strawberries along?  Strawberries are too tasty to pass up.

It can be added to almost anything, churned into shakes and tarts, pressed into cookies and ice creams, topped on the cakes and cupcakes. Any kind of dessert can be made strawberry flavored. Take advantage of this strawberry season start incorporating them in your regular diet because you know it is a healthy fruit too.

But, why to gulp in raw strawberries to get those benefits when you can drill them in to literally everything. And by everything I mean desserts. Yes, get your daily dose of fruit in the form of desserts. Though this fruit can be included in both sweet and savory food items, they show their excellent flavor in desserts.

Here is a list of strawberry flavored desserts for your summer parties and some of them are really easy that they can be made under an hour, which means less time in the summer kitchen, phew!.

Strawberry banana crepes

These strawberry banana crepes are very light and easy to make. It consists of crepes filled with cheese cream and confectioners sugar and topped with sliced strawberries and bananas. You can consume them whenever you crave for something sweet because these can be prepared in no time. It can be a good meal opener of the day, especially when you have guests over your place. If you further want to save time in the morning, you can prepare the crepe the night before and then decorate them in the morning. Easy peasy? 

Strawberry cake

Well, who isn’t aware of this dessert. One of the most famous flavors amongst cake lovers. Consider it the best summer recipe for gathering and celebrations. It is a classic dessert option and will blow your guest away completely. Vanilla cake layers are covered with strawberry frosting and packed with the goodness of strawberries on the top. If you want to kiss all the efforts in the hot kitchen a Buh bye, then get an online strawberry cake delivery at your doorstep. Yippi! That means more time with your friends. 

Strawberry fruit tarts

Who doesn’t love tarts? They can be consumed at any time of the day. You can bake one at home easily. First, the pastry shell is filled with silky and smooth lemon cream, and then sliced strawberries are used to decorate the top beautifully. Pastry shell and lemon cream can be prepared the night before and make sure when you are decoration; strawberries are fresh and firm. You can get the recipe online, but don’t get scared by the long list of ingredients as it’s pretty easy to put together. These tarts are a perfect option to impress your guests at your next party. 

Strawberry pie

Strawberry pies have a different set of the fan base. Pies are often a staple at parties and other celebrations. Don’t go by its dramatic looks; it is quite easy to prepare. Basically, a strawberry pie is a classic crust loaded with strawberry glazed fresh strawberries and topped with lots and lots of whipped cream. Though a pinch of frozen strawberries can be used but to get the best taste, work with fresh strawberries. You will be mesmerized by the sweet smell of this pie. Now you will understand why cartoons were depicted smelling pies on other windows.

Strawberry short cupcakes

A perfect treat looks just like these strawberry cupcakes. This dessert is an inspired version of strawberry shortcake and even tastier version too. The main components of these cupcakes are whipped cream, strawberry jam, orange zest, and fresh strawberries for garnishing.

These are famous amongst kids and can add cheerfulness to your party. Also, they are perfect for any time party and can be prepared for the last-minute parties. OH, YUM YUM!

This collection of Strawberries desserts are sorted to make your summer parties even more delightful. Take advantage of this summer fruit and serve your guests with some berry-rich recipes for your next celebration.

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