Counselling Therapy for You Mental Well Being

counselling therapy

It is necessary for us to be well aware of our mental being, our mental health plays an important role in taking life decisions and what outcome we are going to get. Professional therapies like psychotherapy talks, helps a person to improve his/her mental wellness. Therapy helps a person to deal with trauma, anxiety and depression, behavioral problems etc. Counselling and professional therapy alongside medications shows much better results.

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There are many misconceptions about psychotherapy talks, at Family Therapy during counselling we have come across many disbelieves regarding therapies. Also, we have encountered the condition of patient’s hesitance to open up to our therapist. Many people are shy and feel ashamed to seek therapy due to the popular belief that therapies are only for ‘mentally-ill’ people. On the contrary counselling are used as to improve relationship with family, combat parenting problems, save relationships, induce positive behavior etc. 

Improve Mental Health-

A professional can use different counselling therapy in Middletown for different cases, as we have mentioned earlier there are many different scenarios rather than mental illness for a person to seek counselling. 

Treatment method includes a heart-to-heart talk between person and therapist, where he will help you to overcome your problem. Therapist makes a person comfortable and to be open about their situation. The talks help a person to have more insight about his mental health and situation and how he/she can deal with it. 

Therapy helps a person to deal with various kinds problems such as-

  • depression
  • marriage problems, infidelity, divorce, or other relationship issues
  • sexual problems
  • stress and anxiety
  • addictions and compulsions
  • grief, loss, or bereavement
  • anger
  • career choice
  • parenting or family problems
  • phobias
  • insomnia
  • fertility issues
  • chronic pain or illness
  • domestic violence or abuse
  • eating disorders.

Counselling for Family

Maintaining a relationship with family can be stressful, usually people do not seek therapy and try to cope the situation with their limited knowledge, sometimes that leads to more problems. Families counselling therapies deal with scenarios such as-

  • Family violence
  • Depression
  • Intergenerational conflict
  • Culture shock
  • Separation or divorce
  • Job loss

If you are going through any of the above-mentioned scenario or suffering from family trauma, at Family Therapy we are here to help you to combat your situation.

How We Help You?

Our professional therapist specializes in family therapy. We use various proven practices as per your condition. Sometimes therapists can use two or more counselling therapies for your condition.  Therapies we use are as follows-

Behavioral Therapy- This therapy helps a person to cope with his unhealthy behavior and replace it with healthy activities. The treatment includes reward and positive feedback for positive behavior. A bad behavior effects person’s life but also the life of people who are around him, hence it is important to deal with them.

Cognitive Therapy– The therapy helps a person to understand how thoughts are related to feelings and emotion, cognitive therapy helps a person to look at life situation with a different perspective.

Psychoanalysis- Bad Past experience and trauma are a deal by psychoanalysis, where you can talk about your experiences with therapist to learn more about your reaction during present situations.