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Maldives is a land surrounded by sea from all corners. There are various kinds of sea-sports swimming or scuba diving that help in brushing the skills. This is one of the prime reasons that made youth class from across the world to grab the Maldives Tour Packages offer.  The trips have become more significant to these people as the accommodations are normally arranged in water bungalows. Operators make their best attempt to make the trip the most memorable for all of them.


maldives tour package for couple

The Island of Maldives

The island country of South Asia – the Maldives contains a total of 1192 islands. These islands are conjugated within 26 atolls. The country is also known for the wide dispersion. The sandbars as well as the coral reefs offer scenic views to the eyes of the visitors. The topography is a distinguished one too. The country is surrounded by crystal clear water of the sea which is, in fact, has been originated from a lagoon. The country has some uniqueness in its position too. It is located over an underwater range of mountain. This location advantage has made the distinction from other similar countries in the world.

The country has a nominal elevation from the sea, i.e. meager 1.5 m. The elevation from the ground is only 2.4 meters and therefore the country is considered as the lowest country in the world.

Preferred destination for honeymooners

The couples, particularly the newlywed ones, choose the island as one of the most favored destinations.  The panoramic view of the place as well as the seclusion that is mostly desired by these couples are available in bounty here.  The tour operators have not allowed letting the opportunity from their hands. The several honeymoon packages promise the participants the privacy and complete security too. There are provisions for candle-light dinner form these couples. They can spend the times with relaxed strolling on the beaches.  The Miladhoo Island, The GilLankanFussi and Baros Maldives are top honeymoon spots there.

Easy on Pockets

The people feel bit comfortable in hiring Maldives Tour Packages as the trips do not burn pockets. The tour operators, on the other hand, can comfortably offer cheap Maldives tour packages for their country people. The charges on these trips are really economical. A wide range of sightseeing options are offered within such packages. The most famous attraction in this island country is the coral reef. These surreal looking reefs cover a widely denominated area under the sea. The country hosts several islands with existence of coral reef. These include Mafushi Island, and the HulHumale of South Male Atoll. These entire reefed islands have proven to be the best options for travelers looking for economical and customized packages.


The glorious sunrise and sunset are mostly recommended experiences in the island country. An alluring panorama is created with the hues of amber over the energized blue-greens. In most of the packages offer the participants with opportunities to experience a floral bath in spa. Of all, this has been accounted for the best of all perquisites.

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