Upcoming SEO Trends of SEO in 2019

SEO, search engine optimization or website optimization. A natural and an organic way to promote your business website on the top of search pages. SEO has become a task for every digital marketer to promote that organization.

How does it work?

SEO goes hand in hand with the content marketing. And in content marketing with the right key words. KEY words are those keys of optimization which are braided in content in such a productive way that it looks effortless. These words are the most searched words or sentences on the web page. There are many SEO agencies who gets content marketing done and write guest blogs to promote.

Upcoming SEO Trends:

Since 2010 SEO content was very vague and of a spam quality. Search engines were very easy to optimize but now the trends are different. The negative attitude of content writing has been shoed away. Now search engines keeps on checking the quality of content and it’s a bit difficult to do SEO and be on the top of the list.

Voice searches:Technology has grown a lot. Now we can search things by saying it. And when we say things they are pretty different from how we write. So, digital agencies and search engines are optimizing ways to do SEO for voice searches. As per the stats the current voice input is 30% of total and it will rise unto 50% by 2020.

Guest postings:Guest postings are the postings done by guest who are either invited or take part themselves to right a post. Guest posting helps host company to rise as it increases the trust of others who see this post and on the other hand for the guest it is a good platform to grow his/her blog/brand. The professional content writing services can help you in the best possible manner.

Link less mentions:Now search engines are keeping a keen check on the links that are mentioned in the post. It automatically skips such content and marks them as vague. The trend says that they are focusing on link less content with good quality for considering into SEO.

Mobile listings: Mobile usage for internet has surpassed others and search engines are focusing on the sites which are mobile ready. There is some content that is not made for smart phones and such content will not be considered in future. It means that signals used for mobile searches will be targeted.

Page speed:Yes, it matters a lot. Page speed is the speed of search engine in opening your website and if your site is heavy then it may not be considered. So, try building a site which is precise and cop up with the speed of search engine.

Other search engines: We are focused on one search engine but by 2019 there are other search engines that are coming and will grow. It’s all because of the e commerce market rice and SEO trends.

So, after seeing all the upcoming trends we should consider all this things in mind to create SEO for a site or any enterprise

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