Why Obesity among Children is a big Health Risk?

Children with Obesity

Childhood is the foundation period of a person. The habits developed during childhood and the progress in health that happens during this phase impacts the future of the child as an adult. These days, the issue of childhood obesity has become a big concern due to the various health risks it poses to the child and his/her future. Many times, the reason being genetic, it becomes obvious for the child to grow overweight, but other times, the unhealthy lifestyle and poor eating habits contribute to the cause. Initially, parents feel that a heavy child is the healthy child, but actually it is just the opposite. A fit child who is active even if leaner stays at the safer side whereas an obese child remains at the risk of many health conditions.

Health risks of an Obese Child

Obesity in childhood brings the child closer to a number of health risks in present as well as in the future. Some common conditions children are exposed to due to an overweight body are high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and diabetes. Not only this some acute problems also trouble the children off and on. A few are listed below.

  • Bone and joint problem due to an obese body
  • Shortness of breath and feeling of heaviness
  • Tiredness even after doing a little physical work
  • Asthma symptoms
  • Restlessness during sleep
  • Early signs of puberty
  • Menstrual irregularities among girls
  • Liver and gallbladder diseases

Many parents think that as the child grows the weight will be reduced. However, they should be aware that among fat children, the number of fat cells grow which cannot reduce as an adult. Even with dieting and exercising as an adult, the size of fat cells can be reduced but not their number.

What to do when child is growing Obese?

It brings huge responsibility on parents if the child gets obese and requires a lot of changes in the lifestyle and discipline in the family. A few things you should work on are listed below.

  • Cultivate healthy eating habits by introducing healthy food to your child right from an early age.
  • Take some time to prepare healthy snacks for your child rather than depending on packaged outside food.
  • Do not feed your child more than his/her appetite. Focus of quality of food rather than the quantity of food.
  • Encourage your child to get engaged in physical activities, sports, or outdoor games.
  • Limit the screen time. Do not let them sit for hours in front of TV or video games.
  • Enrol your child in any sport that can become his passion to be continued even as a teenager or afterwards.
  • Involve your child in kitchen and prepare some healthy meals with them. This will encourage them to eat the self-prepared meals.
  • Never give your child any weight loss medicine on your own from any online medicine shop. Seek expert’s suggestion.
  • Never reward your child with sweet treats.

Sometimes, obesity is also the result of some medicines, genetic factor or an underlying medical condition. You should also consider visiting a paediatrics or a nutritionist for seeking expert suggestion. They might provide you the right plan to be followed as per the age of the child. Though medicines are not suggested for childhood obesity, they might be prescribed for other health condition behind the obesity. Once suggested, you can choose to buy medicine online for home delivery.