education – Write Up a place to write big ideas and stories Mon, 12 Aug 2019 10:48:53 +0000 en-US hourly 1 education – Write Up 32 32 How is the Potential with B.Tech in Electrical and Electronics Engineering Mon, 12 Aug 2019 10:48:50 +0000 Almost every 10+2 student from science stream has a clear vision to become an engineer; this fact is also reinforced by dropping admissions in medical courses. Engineering as a career option gets an edge over medical studies- there is no denying this reality. In other words, it can be said that engineering courses are the major drivers of students to various colleges and universities.

The problem students aspiring for engineering course face is that they are puzzled about choosing the right specialization- either they rely on counselling or follow what their parents say despite exploring the scope in a particular stream. With an aim to educate the students about potential with B.Tech in Electrical and Electronics Engineering, this post will include all the scopes concisely. Let’s go ahead.

Growth in Electrical Industry

The anticipated figure for installed power capacity in our country is to reach 350 GW by 2022, which was recorded 243 GW in 2014. It’s the great sign of economic and industrial progress. The total electrical machinery market in India was US$ 24 billion in 2014, which is expected to touch the mammoth figure of US$ 100 in 2022.

The electrical machinery market has ample scope in manufacturing, installation, and distribution of machines. Now with the availability of highly qualified engineers and other resources, the export of electrical machinery from India has surged remarkably. The initiative by Government of India for permitting the 100% FDI (Foreign Direct Investment) has also helped the industry accelerate its growth.

Growth in Electronics Industry

Besides of electrical, the electronic industry has also seen remarkable growth in the current years. The fact is undeniable that India is one of the largest consumers of electronic goods and it is anticipated to reach US$400 billion by 2020, which was recorded $69.6 billion in 2012. 5 years back, India was largely relying upon importing the electronic products up to 65%.

But now the scenario has completely changed. Our nation has progressed well in terms of manufacturing the assembling the electronic consumer goods and thereby, the imports kept on reducing. Mobile phones, flat panel monitors, LED televisions, notebooks, and desktops are the most popular electronic consumer goods as per the current market trends.       

What does the mathematics of growth say?

Both, electrical and electronics are growing at a rapid pace. Such a growth will definitely create the job opportunities for the professionals with degree in B.Tech in Electrical and Electronics Engineering. The sea of opportunities has increased the craze among students to pursue their engineering in this specialization.    

 Monetary Growth

After completing B.Tech in EEE, students have chance to grow in leaps and bounds monetarily. MEC Placements in Hyderabad testify the same thing as one of their students bagged a whopping package of INR 30 LPA.

With such a scope for growth and chance to nurture career in a booming industry, B.Tech in Electrical and Electronics Engineering has become one of the most promising and in-demand specializations of engineering.

ICAI CA Final Result May 2019: Everything You Need to Know Wed, 31 Jul 2019 08:52:50 +0000 CA final exams were held on 27th May 2019 to 11th June 2019. The exams were postponed this year because of the legislative election held in the month of May. The CA final result will be declared within the regular time period i.e last week of July. The CA Final exam result is expected to be announced on 28th July 2019. Though the official date is not declared.

This article is committed to understanding everything you need to know about the CA Final May 2019 results in a brief manner. 

Read further to know how to check CA Final Result, expected pass percentage, how to check toppers list and merit list.

Important Dates for CA Final Result May 2019

CA Final May 2019 Exam date 27th May 2019 to 11th June 2019
CA Final May 2019 Result date July
Official CA Final Result Date Last week of July 2019

Steps to Check CA Final May 2019 Result

The student can check their result from official websites of ICAI. The students can also get their result through email and SMS if they have their email id and phone number registered with ICAI website.

Official ICAI Website:


ICAI releases the result on these websites and after a few days, they also release merit and toppers list on the same portals. We expect that the result will be declared on 28th July 2019. The ICAI  has not officially declared the date though the above date is just assumption.

Steps to Check the CA Final Year Result on the Website

  1. Choose any website from the above list
  2. Click on the CA final result tab
  3. Submit your CA Final roll and  Registration or PIN 
  4. Submit the given captcha code
  5. Click on  the check result icon
  6. You can now view your result

Check Your CA Final Exam Result Via SMS/Email

To check your result of CA Final May 2019 exam,  through SMS or Email you have to register your email id and phone number with the ICAI website. 

Result Via Email

Steps to follow 

Step 1. Visit at the official  website –

Step 2. Update your email id and phone number in your profile 

Step 3. Verify your email id and phone number by clicking on the link sent to you in your message.

Result Via SMS

To get the CA Final result through SMS

Send a message composed as 

CAFNL(space)XXXXXX(where XXXXXX is the 6 digits final examination roll number of the candidate) and send to 58888. 

CA Final Pass Percentage (New Course)

Students can also check their pass percentage of a single group or both groups from the following table given below. (Will be updated soon)

The expected pass percentage fro CA final May 2019 is also stated below

Group Candidates Appeared Passed Candidates Pass Percentages
Group-I Expected 

(around 12)

Group-II Expected 

(around 9)

Passed Group I
Passed Group II
Passed Both Groups Expected 

(more than 10)

CA Final Nov 2018 (New Course) Pass Percentages

The students can check the previous year’s pass percentage from here.

Group Candidates Appeared Passed Candidates Pass Percentages
Group-I 2289 260 11.36%
Group-II 1208 96 7.95%
Both Groups
Passed Group I 936 160 17.09%
Passed Group II 14 1.50%
Passed Both Groups 92 9.83%

CA Final Statement of Marks

The students receive the Statement of Marks through the post soon after the result is declared for the Final May 2019 exam. In case if a student doesn’t receive his or her within 4-5 weeks from the date the result is declared, they can send an email to

The CA final level result or statement of marks even has the AICITSS assessment marks.

If a student clear will find The statement of marks mention that the student cleared the exam with distinction, only if the student manages to clear CA Final with 70% total for all papers.

CA Final Merit List

You can check the merit list on the same page in where the CA Final result is declared. The students can find out their name in the merit list if they score the top marks in the exams. l. 

Table showing merit list/ toppers of Nov 2019 exam

Particulars AIR – 1 AIR – 2 AIR – 3
Name Atul Agarwal Aagam Sandipbhai Dalal Anurag Bagaria
City Jaipur Ahmedabad Surat
Marks 618/800 615/800 597/800
Roll No. 155707 103379 203125

We wish you all the best for the future.

7 Success Tips from Experienced IITians Sat, 27 Jul 2019 10:09:49 +0000
7 Success Tips from Experienced IITians.

“Success Is No Accident. It is hard work, perseverance, learning, studying, sacrifice, and most of all, love of what you are doing.” ~ Pele

Any person who has made it big in his/her life has been determined to pursue his/her most arduous passion. They never did astray from their dreams, in fact, their dreams are the most subsequent guiding force in their lives. Passion, determination, consistency, hard work are some qualities, which all the successful people in the world abide by. They dream it, and they give everything that is required to achieve it.

In this article, I shall put forward the encouraging views of some of the best IITians of the country. The aim would be to guide and encourage the young minds to follow their desires with all force and perseverance.

Following are the best success tips from experienced IITians:

Sundar Pichai – Who doesn’t know the CEO of Google. IIT Kharagpur graduate, Sundar Pichai values leadership quality over anything else. He doesn’t believe in individual success, but in the success of larger number of people. When asked about his definition of success, he explained – “As a leader, a lot of your job is to make those people successful. It’s less about trying to be successful (yourself), and more about making sure you have good people and your work is to remove that barrier, remove roadblocks for them so that they can be successful in what they do. So that’s how I’ve always thought about it.” No doubt that he is considered one of the sincerest people in the IT industry, who believes in development rather than individual victory.

N.R. Narayan Murthy – The co-founder and ex-chairman of Infosys, Narayan Murthy is well-known throughout the world. An M.Tech from IIT Kanpur, he believes in the magic of self-knowledge. The “Father of Indian IT” (as described by Time Magazine), Narayan Murthy believes in cornerstone of the Indian spiritual tradition: self-knowledge.He is a firm believer that self-knowledge is the highest form of knowledge. “I believe greater awareness and knowledge of oneself is what ultimately helps develop a more grounded belief in oneself, courage, determination, and, above all, humility, all qualities which enable one to wear one’s success with dignity and grace.”

Raghuram Rajan – IIT Delhi graduate, Raghuram Rajan, is an international professor, an Indian economist, and the ex-governor of the Reserve Bank of India. Rajan believes that a successful person may not always be happy, but a happy person always finds success in life. When you choose what to do, don’t focus on the end point. Instead, focus on whether you like the work itself. Not only will you be more likely to reach your goal, even if you don’t arrive at the end point, you will have had a joyful life,” is what Rajan believes in.

Deepinder Goyal – IIT Delhi graduate, Deepinder founded Zomato in 2008. It now works in 24 countries across globe. For him, success is all about taking risks. It’s a good thing to find out what you don’t want to do. “Follow your intuition, focus on one thing at a time and give it your absolute best shot. Take risks. Don’t be afraid of what could happen.  If you are afraid to take risks, very little worth remembering will ever happen.”

Manmohan Gupta – IIT Delhi graduate, Manmohan Gupta is the co-founder of Vidyamandir Classes, Coding Blocks, and Nagarro. After being in the education industry for many years now, Manmohan Gupta believes solely in the essence of hard work. “Without hard work, nothing grows but weeds,” is his mantra.

Padmasree Warrior – IIT Delhi pass-out, Warrior is Chief Technology and Strategy officer at Cisco. In 2014, Forbes recognized her as the 71st most powerful woman in the world. Being one of the most senior IIT Alumni, Warrior worships the true power of education, particularly for women. For her, “the ability to learn is the most important quality a leader can have.” And for her, “Tech is all about building human connections.”

Arvind Kejriwal – The Chief Minister of the capital of our nation is an IIT Kharagpur graduate. He believes in the power to change which is brought by education. He always guides people to use their education and the power it brings, to bring about change for the better. He feels that one can change a nation if one changes its education system.

Thus, all these successful IIT alumnae are an exemplar of the fruitfulness of hard work. They all had big dreams in life, and they were willing to pay the price to turn their dream, and that of a million others into a living reality. With hard work, courage, consistency, diligence, all of them have made a name for themselves in the history of technology, education, politics and so forth.

10 Powerful Tips on Writing Statement of Purpose in 2019 Sat, 20 Jul 2019 06:20:53 +0000 Creating statements of purpose remains an ancient practice that any student who has undergone through the higher education learning institutions iterates. Within any university admission program, you must speak of your interests for a particular course to the admissions board through the statement of purpose. The procedure for writing statement of purpose remains diluted through the misconception that the account needs to follow the previously used formats. However, due to the inevitable dynamics in the writing industry, the modern prospective student in any higher learning institution has to come up with new ways of developing a statement of purpose.

Tips on writing a statement of purpose

The following report highlights some of the tips to incorporate while you try to create a statement of purpose in the year 2019.

  1. Create quality content

This piece requires top priority in the process of its creation. The admissions offices of higher learning institutions receive many applications; hence, you need to produce your best work to ensure success.

  1. Use a conversational tone

The people who go through the statements of persons occur just like any other average person with the ability to read. Hence, as you create your account of the purpose, ensure you try to engage the reader with your words.

  1. Stick to the topic

Statements of purpose work towards convincing an admissions officer to read your account of the intent for admission into an institution. Stick to the fundamentals that define you as the best candidate to an institution and not irrelevant stories.

  1. Develop a story, not statements

Any average person would prefer to read a novel to a newspaper, and the same principle applies to the account of purpose. Create a captivating statement, not statements that do not appeal to any reader.

  1. Be direct

The statement of purpose remains captivating and at the same time direct to the primary purpose of the declaration of account. Do not include stories that would occur irrelevant to the statement of purpose.

  1. Tailor your content

The perfect statement created by you should reflect attributes that relate to you only. Create content that would substantiate your credentials for the admission process, such as the scad letter of recommendation.

  1. Portray yourself to the admissions committee

Each statement of purpose remains unique from how the writer of the account decides to present their personalities. Stick to the ideology of choosing a way of showing your character to the admissions officer through your statement.

  1. Be natural

Don’t try to copy another person’s statement of purpose or contexts as it would occur evidently to the readers in the admissions offices. The admissions officers reading your report have years of experience and would easily spot fake statements.

  1. Research

Find out about the profile of the institution you intend to send your statement of purpose such as the Stanford statement of purpose for Stanford University.

  1. Go through your work

After the completion of your essay, go through your work. Check for both grammatical errors and the flow of ideas in your work.

What serves as the best statement of purpose?

The mentioned points above would assist in the creation of the perfect statement of purpose and remain summarized into research and outsourcing. Use your effort in creating the account and use other resources such as professionals in the creation process.

Summary of creating the statement of purpose

No one creates the perfect statement of intent at once and as such always desire to practice regularly.

Top 5 Benefits of German Language Fri, 19 Jul 2019 11:25:47 +0000 It is known that German is the “language of the future”, since Germany is the number one economy in Europe. So much so that companies in India and other countries require their applicants to speak this language in order to be hired.

benefits of german language

Widely spoken Language

There are several reasons and benefits to learn German, German Language Course in Jaipur and there is no better place to do it than in German Institute in Jaipur. Since being in the country not only you will learn it but you will be able to practice it and interact with all the people that surround you. These are some of the benefits of learning German:

Career Opportunities in India

Did you know that Germany’s educational level is one of the highest in the world? Surprisingly, once you speak the language, you will have the opportunity to pursue a professional career Opportunities in India. Education of high quality at German Language & Ielts Institute in Jaipur, low cost of maintenance and transportation, because the expenses are really lower for students both local and foreign in Germany that is why the number of students from other countries is increasingly higher in this European country.

Greater possibilities

There is no doubt that people who speak German have greater possibilities of work, study and self-improvement for those who do not. Being the number one country in technological innovation, science, history (it has more than two millennia of experience), economy and much more, it means that many doors can be opened for you as a professional.

Travels and tourism

If you move in the area of ​​tourism, speaking German will be a benefit that will make many hotel companies and travel chains want to have your skills to provide guidance to German tourists both in their country and in Germany and the rest of the world. Now, if you travel to this country yourself and visit the majestic landscapes of cities such as Berlin, Radolfzell, Cologne, etc. What better to understand the language and thus the history of each place?

Higher cultural level

If you decide to live in Germany or spend only a short period of time in the country, you can acquire a higher cultural level, because Germany is a place of reading, stories, art, history, music and inspiration of great literary successes such as: Fatherland of Robert Harris, from Germany to Germany by Gunter Grass, The man in search of meaning from Viktor Frankl, Hansel and Gretel from the Brothers Grimm and many more best seller. Without a doubt an interesting and cultured country with a lot to tell and show to its visitors.

Many people speak English, but few German, a condition that expands your chances for the future you dream of if you decide to study it.

We invite you to German Language Course in Jaipur, learn about their culture and learn their language! For more information, explore the German courses available in Germany or request more information.

How do I check my exam results online? Thu, 18 Jul 2019 10:32:05 +0000

A shocking revelation by the Good Section Data Process for Training once again revealed the shambles in that your Indian training is. Maharashtra, for instance, has a whopping one lakh teachers with the highest qualification of only School X. If this is actually the situation in what is regarded by some as probably the most created State in the united kingdom, one shudders to think how it is in the less created and distant regions of the country.

A super-power ambitious India is staring at another generation of employment-unfit employees lacking in basic transmission, arithmetic and cognitive skills. India lacks quality teachers and Narendra Modi’s Electronic India system, which presently is more willing to disbursing capsules and engineering in public areas schools, may fail if it ignores probably the most important cog in the wheel – teachers. A strategy which includes been hailed as one of the pillars of governance has unsuccessful to make a roadmap, not only for joining students with the most effective teachers, but in addition to provide an atmosphere to create better teachers.

BA 1st Year Results

There’s almost no question since electronic training is the norm for the future. But, we also realize that capsules can not change teachers, but only match them. What we need nowadays is electronic technologies tailored around teachers to improve pedagogies and guarantee uniform quality of training over the country. So the key is based on applying electronic programs and options to provide secure and quality material and, more to the point, provide use of quality teachers. On the web understanding programs have, until date, unsuccessful to produce an impact on India’s instructional situations, largely because they are largely only digitised references and class content. What we need nowadays is all-inclusive edtech programs that can join all the spots – deliver top quality material in a safe atmosphere, channelise transmission and venture between students and teachers and more to the point provide tools for teachers to enhance training methods.

Edtech programs like Mobiliya Edvelop are pioneering a new kind of value-based electronic training that moves beyond creating class material accessible online. In a recently available pilot system, Mobiliya Edvelop helped the Asian government to operate a vehicle rural training initiatives by joining bad and distant rural schools in american China to downtown understanding centres. These rural schools lacked in basic instructional methods BA 2nd Year Results and quality teachers. Utilizing the Mobiliya Edvelop program, teachers from the downtown schools provided lectures, tests and responsibilities to two courses simultaneously – anyone to the town college and another to the distant rural school. Sound and video sessions were recorded in the town college applying camera and instant headsets and transported to the rural school in real time. In the rural schools, the lectures were provided over a projector and speakers. Students can participate and question questions to the teacher over a wireless mic. That proved to be easy however strong method to connection instructional gaps applying easy-to-use electronic technologies.

Lack of quality teachers is not a problem on a rural India. Also town schools and schools have unsuccessful to provide quality teachers who is able to personalise understanding, a situation that has generated the rise of several training courses and private tuitions. To table this, we need electronic programs that enable college and school teachers to perform micro-tuitions for every single student. Teachers need tools that help them build personalised responsibilities and tests or customise the curriculum to obtain the most effective out of every student. This could not merely produce understanding more interesting for every single scholar, but in addition help teachers execute a better work consistently.

Follow some awesome way to recite the Quran Tue, 09 Jul 2019 12:38:29 +0000 Ask any Muslim whether or not they read the Qur’an as much as they’d like and the answer is likely to be no. Ask them why, and it’s often because of the fear of bad pronunciation and lack of fluency.

1. Recite the Holy Qur’an as loudly as you’ll while not straining yourself or heavy others around you

To quote Strunk & White (respectively), “If you don’t know how to pronounce a word, say it loud!” “Why compound ignorance with inaudibility?” My own childhood tutor would continuously tell me to raise my voice. One of my tutors told me that my voice should fill the entire men’s prayer hall at the Richmond James mosque (Vancouver, BC). When you mumble, you’re activity your faults. Bring your faults out into the open thus your teacher will correct them. Catholics have confession. We have awkward recitation. This is the time for you to bring out your faults. There is a time for quiet devotion. That time isn’t when you’re learning.

2. Proper recitation takes precedence over humble contemplation

Imagine somebody who learned to pray as an adult. Would you advise them to do no matter made them feel a lot of religious even though their prayers were invalid? Humble contemplation will come later. As a student, specialize in correct pronunciation.

3. Proper recitation takes precedence over beautiful recitation

Some of the hardest people to teach tajwid to are munshids, or spiritual singers. It doesn’t matter if you’ll recite the verse in seventy totally different maqamat, or musical modes. Recite the Holy Quran appropriately first, even if it destroys your pace.

4. Recite the Qur’an as beautifully as you can

You’re a slab of meat, a bag of blood, a mere visitant on this earth. However, you’re also a musical instrument taking part in the tune of Divine Revelation. You’re not answerable for however good or bad you sound, however you’re rewarded for how a lot of you try.

5. Go light when reciting

Being stuffed with food and drink doesn’t help.

6. Avoiding from Talking While Reciting This Sacred Book

Due to huge significance of the Holy Verse of Furqan e Hameed, one must not break the momentum of recital process by sitting during a quiet corner, away from all kinds of distractions and avoid talking to anybody. it’s additionally important because one shouldn’t converse concerning the worldly matters whereas reading the Sacred Book of allah SWT as this act would possibly result in satanic influence.

7. Placing The Quran On A Pillow

A great deal of care should be taken while putting the Holy Book of Allah SWT by resting it on a neat and clean pillow or alternative support and avoid swing it on the ground because of its extremely high status.

8. Warm up before reciting

If possible, recite the passages that your teacher is scheduled to listen to for a minimum of half an hour before the lesson, preferably immediately before the lesson and in the same location (if possible).

9. Sit up straight when reciting

You should be able to use your lungs to their full capacity. This is greatly limited when slouching.

10. Listen to the Qur’an as much as you can

The best Qari to listen to is Mahmoud Khalil al-Husari. Make sure to concentrate to him reciting within the murattal style, that could be a slow however natural pace. (The mujawwad vogue is a lot of rhythmic however the rhythm distracts beginners from the correctness of his recitation. The tahqeeq (aka ta’leem) style is artificially slow. It is good for absolute beginners, but not those who are used to reciting the Qur’an.) There is simply no one better who has been recorded to date.

Reference: You can learn the Holy Quran form online Quran classes

SAT: How to stay Stress free during prep? Mon, 08 Jul 2019 12:56:24 +0000 Thousands of candidates try to crack SAT and many of them even get successful. But there are students who fail. The reason behind their failure is that they fail to understand the concepts, pressurise the mind too much and stay negative about their performance. Certainly, SAT is a vital and difficult test but it does not mean that you cannot pass it with flying colours.

A good way to get hands-on knowledge about this test is to join up a class like Sat coaching in Noida. Once you join up a class, you get to know about the pattern, format, segments and everything about the test that you should know about. In case you feel that you get too pressurised about your test and preparation then the following points might help you.

Do studies daily

Once you have started preparing for the test, make sure that you are studying every day. You have to make sure that there is no day when you haven’t studied. Actually the logic is that once you skip a day or two; you pressurise your mind. Maybe you don’t show it but back in your mind you know that you have not studied for a day or longer and hence become anxious. So, once you keep on studying, no matter in how much amount, regularly you stay confident and less stressed.

Don’t take everything to your mind

When you prepare make sure that you listen less because all your friends, acquaintances and family members are going to give you suggestions and talks. You have to listen to them and let it go. There is no need to stick to them. When you take everything to your mind you pressurise yourself a lot. The lesser the pressure, the better would be your performance.  Once you have learnt the art of listening less during these crucial days of prep, you can find better productivity in your prep.

Revise as much as possible

You know what you need to accommodate revision in your schedule. Even if for a day or so; you have to do revision every week. When you are taking up a lot of material in your mind every day, you have to ensure that it stays there. When you revise, your concepts freshen up and you get a better insight about everything.

Talk to professionals

If you find yourself stuck somewhere during prep, make sure that you ask the professionals. If you are taking up sat coaching in Noida, you would have professionals to help you. Clear all the doubts and concepts with them for better understanding. Once there is no doubt, there would be better outcomes. You know what when you have doubts in your mind, these doubts add up to pressure and you become a lot more pressurised. For effective preparation and performance you have to ensure less pressure.


Thus, you should be attentive about everything while you do the preparation. You can get great marks in SAT once you implement what you read above.

Check ICAI CA Final Result and Pass Percentage of May 2019 Mon, 01 Jul 2019 12:09:19 +0000 ICAI will soon release the CA Final result for May 2019 attempt and students can check it through the ICAI website by entering their roll number and pin code. Merit will also be announced by ICAI along with the result. Merit list will contain Name, Paper wise marks, Overall marks, and Qualifying status of top 50 All India rank holders.

ICAI will only issue the result to those students who have appeared for the May 2019 exam in the 3rd week of July 2019 (tentatively). ICAI has also provided a facility in which students can check their results through SMS/ Email. 

If the student is not satisfied with their marks then he/she can apply for verification/ revaluation or can obtain the mark sheet within 1 month from the date of the result declaration.

Read further to get all the details regarding ICAI CA Final result like how to check it online/SMS/Email, how to apply for verification of marks, pass percentage of CA Final previous exam result, and how to obtain a certified mark sheet.

CA Final Result May 2019: Important Dates

Event Date
Exam date (old and revised scheme) 27 May, 29 May, 30 May, 4 June, 7 June, 9 June and 13 June 2019
Expected CA Final result date 3rd week of July 2019
Verification of answer sheets 3rd week of July 2019

How to Check ICAI CA Final May 2019 Result

As we mentioned above you can check your result in 3 ways- 

Online through ICAI website



You can check your result by ICAI website by following these steps – 

  • First of all visit ICAI website
  • Now you can see Result, click on it
  • On the next screen, new scheme students will need to click on Final (New) and old scheme students will need to click on Final (Old).
  • After this, you will need to enter your roll number in the first box and pin code in the second box (or you can enter your registration number here)
  • Now enter the captcha code and click on “Check Result”

After this, your result will appear on your screen.

How to Get CA Final Result Through SMS

Follow these steps to get your result through SMS –

Compose a new SMS and type CAFNL(space)XXXXXX (where XXXXXX is roll number of the candidate) and send it to 58888.

Eg. CA Final 098665.

How to Get Exam Result Through Email

You can also get the result through email address by registering yourself with ICAI e-services. Follow these steps to check CA Final results through the Email address – 

  • VIsit ICAI exam website 
  • Now you will find the “Login/Register” tab
  • Enter your login ID and password here
  • On the next page, you will find a link for email registration. 
  • Click on it
  • Now you will need to enter your Name, registration number and Email address.

After the declaration of the CA Final 2019 result, the result will be sent to your email address shortly.

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CA Final Pass Percentage

Pass percentages of CA Final May 2019 result will be updated soon shortly. 

Group Total Candidate appeared for the exam Total number of pass candidates Pass Percentages
Group 1
Group 2
Both Groups

CA Final Nov 2018 Pass Percentage

Applications Number Students Appeared Number of students passed Pass Percentage
Group I 32633 9934 30.44%
Group II 35655 8348 23.41%
Both Groups
Passed group I 22514 5428 24.11%
Passed group II 655 2.91%
Passed both groups 3383 15.03%

Verification of Marks

If you are not satisfied with your marks then you can apply for revaluation.  The process of verification includes checking of unchecked questions and again totaling of marks. 

As we mentioned above you can apply for verification of marks within 30 days from the date of the CA Final year result declaration, Applications after the final date will be rejected.

For verification, you need to submit a handwritten application to ICAI. Fees for verification is Rs 100 for each subject and Rs 400 for all subjects.

How to Obtain CA Final Mark Sheet

You can obtain a certified mark sheet by following these steps – 

  • Login to ICAI website
  • Fill the required details in certified copies section
  • Upload handwritten application 
  • Make a payment of inspection fees (Rs 500/- per copy)
  • After a confirmation page will be open on your screen you should take a printout of it.

As we have told you all the details regarding ICAI CA Final result like the checking process of the result, how to obtain mark sheet, how to apply for verification of marks, important dates, pass percentages. 

Hope this information was helpful for you.

Some Cool Keyboard Tricks Mon, 01 Jul 2019 06:52:25 +0000 Every official department teaches their employees to put the keyboard into increasing use instead of the mouse. The movement of the fingers in a limited space encompassing all the 26 letters in English alphabet along with various numbers, symbols, punctuations and shortcuts helps typists complete their work in a much lesser time than reaching out for the mouse and selecting things and proceed. Every time one uses the mouse, the person must stop for at least few seconds and it not only leads to loss of time but also focus. The keyboard on the other hand can be put to extensive use and elevate the level of productivity of the worker. So here are some of the cool keyboard shortcuts!

First, SHIFT + ALT + PRINT SCREEN (High Contrast) – It helps improve readability of the displayed items on screen through application of a special colour scheme. The simultaneous pressing of the above keys would open a pop up window. Click “yes” to proceed. This enlarges the font of the displayed windows and alters the colour to a highly contrasted one. In order to undo the changes click the same key combination.

Second, CTRL + ALT + UP/DOWN/LEFT/RIGHT Arrow (Rotate Screen) – Depending on the video drivers and graphic card of the computer system this shortcut might or might not work. But it working properly would enable the user to rotate the desktop.

Third, ALT + TAB (Switching between already opened windows) – Pressing the mentioned keys would introduce a layover window that portrays all open programs. Pressing the ALT key and clicking the TAB button one would land to the next application. Releasing both the keys would open the chosen window. Wishing to alter the direction one needs to hold ALT + SHIFT key while clicking on the TAB key.

Fourth, SHIFT + DEL (Delete without confirmation) – This shortcut helps one to directly delete something on the system without the popping up of the confirmation window. In order to make this a default option, one need to right click on the Recycle Bin, then select Properties and unselect the “Display delete confirmation dialogue”.

Fifth, Windows key + D (Restore open windows or Show Desktops) – Instead of using the mouse to go back to the desktop screen, this shortcut enables individuals to do the same work in no time. One needs to press it again to get back to the prior site. 

Sixth, Windows key + L (Lock System) – One wishing to get a short break during his work hour and yet not wishing any unauthenticated access to the computer could utilise this shortcut to lock the system. When the operator returns and signs in all the previous programmes and windows will reappear.

Seventh, Windows Key + X (Run Command Prompt as an Administrator) – First of all one need to press Windows Key + X to go to the quick access menu, then utilising the UP/DOWN arrow keys to shift the Command Prompt Admin entry and finally pressing ENTER. Running this complex code would enable Administrator to access to the command prompt in no time.

Eighth, Windows Key + X and then R/H/Y/S/U (Shut Down) – to open the quick access menu one need to press Windows Key + X, then U key to open the shut down options.