Careers in Marketing- 5 Marketing Careers You Should Know

Careers in Marketing


Any product, any service, any field, any sector, any industry – Marketing is the need of the hour, to ensure that your product/service reaches every customer in every nook and corner of the world. It is hence that the demand for marketing professionals is ever growing. With a lot of career opportunities in this field, success is just around the corner if you possess the right skill sets, build a strong network and upgrade your knowledge time and again. Let’s take a look at the top careers in Marketing.

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Brand Management:

This is the most popular career track that impresses marketing professionals. Some even pursue an international degree specializing in Brand Management to understand the subject inside out. This role demands that a Brand/Product Manager engages in developing a brand image and maintaining it. Reviewing the competitor’s strategy, tapping on opportunities available, and assuming responsibility for a brand in its entirety are some responsibilities of a Brand/Product Manager. Unless the customers are informed about the features of the product or service effectively the sales figures would not go up as expected and that is why a Brand/Product Managers role is so crucial. They ensure perfect synergy between the marketing campaigns, promotions, research, brand vision etc.



Professionals in this field are involved from the conception to the execution of any strategy. Account Managers/Planners or Media Buyers are a few roles under this track. Account Managers ensure that the advertisements are executed within the set timelines and budget. Account Planners, on the other hand, have a more customer focussed role; they study the demographics of the customers and make an attempt to understand their motivations. Media Buyers as the name suggests find appropriate places or media where the advertisements can be put up. The information provided by Account Planners comes in handy for these Media Buyers in deciding on the same. If you get to work for any of the top advertising agencies like Ogilvy & Mather or Mudra Communications the insights you will garner in this field will be awe-inspiring.


Market Research:

Understanding the market that a product or service is targeted towards is essential. The findings or results of such research help in formulating marketing strategies. Whether it is through conducting surveys or interviews of customers or analyzing past studies market research provides crucial information with respect to the buying habits of customers, their preferences, product expectations etc. Some companies have an in-house Market research team while others may outsource this activity. Whether in-house or not job opportunities in this field are plenty. There is no business that can function optimally without knowing its customer well. Analytical and quantitative skills are a must to excel in this role. Collating data, interpreting it and generating results form the core of this job. Number crunching is the skill that makes this job easier. You could either be a Director or a Manager or a Supervisor or an Analyst in Market Research.



Some firms prefer having a special team to take care of Promotions while others merge them with the advertising team. Be it discounts or free gifts or coupons or cash back or samples – these promotional strategies are formulated by this team. Emails, telemarketing, endorsements, events etc are different ways adopted to promote a product/service.


Public Relations:

Any communication with the media, investors, public or consumers is looked after by the Public relations team. From articles in newspapers or magazines, these professionals communicate every single update about the product to its consumers or investors. They talk about new partnerships, financial wellbeing or any other news that would affect the company’s image positively. They collaborate with the Journalists to provide information about the product offerings to be released in the media. Good communication and interpersonal skills are a super important for this role. Public Relations Coordinator, Media Relations, PR Consultants are a few designations that these professionals can shoulder.

If you choose a career in Advertising, be prepared to work late hours and travel extensively. Creativity is the key to success in these jobs. With so many career options in the field of marketing choosing the one that well-matches your personality is important. Contact Leverage Edu Consultants to gauge which career option best suits you and set yourself on a career trajectory that is so full of excitement.

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