Career Opportunities with Tourism Management Courses in Kolkata

Hotel and Tourism Industry is one among the few which provide exciting and promising career growth with global opportunities. Now many students are dedicated to serve the industry and prepare themselves to meet the challenges. They aim to work in a restaurant or bar or bakery of a Five Star hotel, cruise or airlines and deliver their excellence with professional skills. Professionals turned to be successful entrepreneurs in this industry.

The industry gets the support from the students passing out from top institute of hotel management in Kolkata and other similar institutes. Students get a wide range of course options which they can select according to their interest. Every course has its own demand in the job market. Most of the courses are exciting and different from regular courses. Thus attracting young and energetic students to join tourism management courses in Kolkata.

The hospitality and tourism management courses in Kolkata are listed below.

Courses for Graduates

  • Master of Business Administration
  • Master of Tourism Management
  • Master of Hospital Administration
  • Master of Hospitality Management
  • Master of Hotel Management

Courses for Undergraduates

  • Bachelor of Tourism and Travel Management
  • Bachelor of Hospitality Management
  • Bachelor of Hotel Management

Courses for Class Ten pass

  • Diploma in Hotel Management
  • Diploma in Hospitality Management
  • Diploma in Hospital Management

Best job opportunities after earning the degree or diploma from any top 10 hotel management colleges in Kolkata

  • Resort Manager

You will oversee all operations departments from the desk and security to housekeeping and food and beverage. Responsible for overall management and success of the facility.

  • Restaurant Manager

Lead the team of employees serving food and beverage. A restaurant manager is responsible for the overall function of the operation, inventory, ordering and budgeting.

  • Food and Beverage Manager

You will be responsible for things related to food and beverage from ordering products to hiring staff and maintaining accounts. Your social and analytical skills developed through tourism management courses in Kolkata will help you to analyze and overcome crisis.

  • Spa and Wellness Manager

You will be managing day-to-day operations of a health or beauty spa. The operations can be customer service focused or more business based, handling all the marketing, schedules, hiring and training.

  • Banquet Manager

If you enjoy managing an event executed from the initial planning stages through to its end, then you are the right person for the job. You might be responsible for organizing an event to raise awareness for humanity aid to political receptions and corporate holiday parties, creating a unique environment that will excite you.

  • Event Manager

This role involves studying the brand, identifying the target audience, devising the event concept and coordinating all the technical aspects before conducting or hosting the event. It all comes down to the details and building relationships. If you are organizing a wedding event, it needs to be extremely organized and love executing special events with many moving components, balancing a need for both structure and creativity at the workplace. It’s a rewarding career for the right individual, making memories last forever.

  • Front office Receptionist

The very first moment of a guest’s arrival, the front office serves as the face of the company and mirrors its standards of service. You need to be knowledgeable not only about the products and services, also need to be friendly, customer service oriented and can give insights on the surround area.

  • Flight Attendant

If you have the passion to travel all over the world then this will excite you. You will be responsible for inflight services like taking care about the safety of the passengers, guide the passengers on board, ensure proper functioning of emergency safety equipment and serve with food and beverages.

  • Catering Manager

You will be managing sales, project management and food and beverage, this is a fun and vigorous career. Whether you’re a chef creating the menu or coordinator organizing the vendors, this position is constantly on-the-go fielding queries and giving instructions to your team. A position incorporating sales with event planning and management.

  • Consultant

This career requires a base of experience in order to advice your clients. Whether in hotels, restaurants or travel, becoming a professional in your trade will allow you to give the soundest guidance.

  • Entrepreneur

Now the sky is no more the limit. Whatever you dream you can achieve. From opening a restaurant to offering sightseeing tours, there is no end to the possibilities in the tourism and hospitality industry.

This made you aware of the hospitality and tourism management courses in Kolkata and thereafter its future prospects.