5 Best Camping Areas In Ladakh On Your Next Getaway


Ladakh is one of the most popular camping areas in India and if you intend on visiting the land of high passes – Ladakh, chances are you will spend a few days here along with greatest things to do in Ladakh. It is often regarded as the camping capital of India and doesn’t come up short on things to do in Ladakh.


However, if you’re searching for that little extra, there are a few fantastic camping places in Ladakh which you wanna become involved with. Remember that these camping areas in Ladakh will also be the best places to see in Ladakh. You are able to indulge at the bonfire encounter, and the listing will go more than your want and fantasies when you’re in Ladakh.


Lend me your ears since I am brushing up you using all the 5 best camping areas in Ladakh.



  • Nubra Valley




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Without a doubt, Nubra Valley is the best place to visit in Ladakh and options of things to do in Nubra Valley are plenty. From riding on the camel’s back to camping amidst the scenic slopes of the towering mountains to lush green scenery to the richness of sand dunes and a rich culture, Nubra Valley indeed is the best camping spots in Ladakh where you can sleep under the blanket of stars and wake up with the surreal landscape beauty around you.


Nubra Valley stocks a distance of approx 160 kilometers from Leh town.


  1. Pangong Tso Lake


Along with the tag of most pristine lakes in Ladakh, Pangong Tso Lake came into tourist radar after the climax in 3 Idiots movie was filmed there. Pangong Lake is tucked away 160 km approx from Ladakh town and offer a spectacular sunrise view, and you can witness the orangy sunrise popping up from the towering mountains of Pangong Lake.


The very best part is Pangong Lake is your ideal place to see in Ladakh since it also provides homestays in neighboring locations. But, camping here’s your best option you may choose on your own Ladakh tour package. Don doesn’t overlook the bonfire pleasure too.


  1. Tso Moriri


If you would like to experience nature’s escape in your Ladakh group tour, why not see Tso Moriri along with your buddies for the very best camping experience? It’s an excellent camping place in Ladakh in which you can throw your camping tent and revel in the gurgling noises of Tso Moriri Lake also. Clouds are evident in Tso Moriri because of its’high altitude of 4,595 m. An individual can stretch their eyes balls floating in the skies making it the very best place to see in Ladakh.


Remember that creating a travelogue while performing biking at Tso Moriri is among the most significant things to do in Ladakh. Tso Moriri has located approx 230 km from the Leh and could be visited during May, June, July, and August.


  1. Alchi


The principal quality of camping in Ladakh’s Alchi region is you will appreciate the full lifetime of Alchi Village also and all the Alchi monastery tour. Alch is the best location for camping at Ladakh along with your gangs of this wanderer and trust, you will love the calm and calm vibe around you.


It is advised to do camping in Alchi during June, July, and August.


  1. Thiksey


Do you want to include nerve-racking adventure sports such as biking, rafting, bird watching and polo watching in your camping experience in Ladakh? If so, then visit Thiksey that’s situated 30 km approx from Leh. Thiksey is also famed for its Thiksey monastery tour in which tourists mend their prayers and talks with the natives.


You may marvel your camping experience in Thiksey along with your buddies as Go2Ladakh is supplying cheap bargains on the Ladakh tour package. Can we say that the camping sites we provide are shaded and feature a picnic table?

One more location you must visit which is Katra( Jammu and Kashmir). We will suggest you to go via Katra Railway station

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