Buy your home in Kolkata with the help of Home Loan

Are you looking forward to purchasing the dream house of your own? You can make your dream turn into a reality with the help of home loans in Kolkata. A home loan helps not only to purchase a new house, but it can also be used against the construction of a house on plot, home improvement, extension and renovation of your old or existing house.

Applying for a Home Loan in Kolkata

The home loan helps you provide the financial assistance to help you buy a new house in the case when you don’t have sufficient funds in your hand to meet your personal requirements. Since, Kolkata is a growing city with great demands, meeting some of them might be expensive. You can avail smart Home Loan options offered by leading financial institutions and NBFCs designed especially for home loan buyers in Kolkata.

You can avail a home loan anywhere between Rs. 1 lakh to 15 crores. Currently, the rate of interest on home loans starting at 8.65%. The processing fee on the loan is very minimal, it’s like nearly 1% of the amount availed as a loan.

Make sure that you pay your EMIs always on time, otherwise, you would have to incur a penalty of Rs. 1,000 and a penal interest of 2% every month.

The Benefits of Applying For a Home Loan

1) Makes it easy to own a dream house

A smart housing loan will help you to purchase a dream house of your own when you don’t have money in your hands. An easy home loan can be repaid back to the lender in the form of EMIs each month.

2) You do not have to pay rent anymore

You must be aware of the fact that the rent in tier cities is extremely expensive. In such a case, it would be much better to pay the EMIs and own a house than paying a hefty amount of house rent each month.

3) You get the facility of a Balance Transfer

In the case of a home loan, you will also get the facility to transfer your home loan to a different lender in the case if you are getting the loan at a lower rate of interest.

Eligibility Criteria For Home Loan in Kolkata

To apply for a home loan in Kolkata, you need to meet the following criteria.

1) You must be an Indian resident between 18 to 70 years.

2) The minimum salary required for a Home Loan in Kolkata is Rs. 25,000. Besides this, you must also have at least 3 years of work experience.

3) You need to have a good CIBIL Score of above 650.

Documents required for a Home Loan in Kolkata

1) Signed application form along with latest photographs

2) An identity proof

3) A residence proof

4) Latest Income and bank account statements

How to Apply for the loan?

One can easily apply for a home loan in Kolkata by filling out an online Home Loan application form on the lender’s official website. After filling the form, you need to choose your favorite plan, submit the property details, pay a minimum fee to confirm your Home loan application and finally upload all the required documents demanded by your lender to sanction the loan to you.


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