Beautiful Wedding Dresses In The Style Of BOHO

Boho Wedding Dresses

Bohemian chic is embodied in light fabrics, laconic silhouettes, lace trim, embroidery, white and pastel colors. As a rule, the silhouettes characteristic of boho wedding dressesare light enough and airy, they are not demanding on the figure and will make every bride feel perfect.

The multifaceted images based on boho dresses emphasize the external beauty of the bride and emphasize her dreamy nature, love of freedom, tenderness and originality.

It should also be noted that the flowing and delicate wedding dress is ideal for the summer ceremony – it guarantees complete comfort even in extreme heat. However, there are also models from more dense fabrics, with the closed top, suitable for other seasons.

Light, graceful, with impeccable decoration models combine the originality of African and Mongolian motifs, the eclecticism of Gypsy features, the gothic showiness in modern interpretation. Closeness to nature will emphasize floral decor.

The opportunity to look shy and restrained and at the same time extraordinary and bright attracts brides who choose boho-style models from the variety of original wedding dresses.

Before the wedding, the thoughts of the bride come back to the wedding dress, often the girl has a dream outfit, which she had thought about before receiving the offer. Obviously, a wedding dress is something completely special, so the choice seems so significant and exciting. Fortunately, a variety of designer collections allows you to find the ideal!

Even if the bride has long decided on what style she seems the most attractive, it will take several fittings. The choice may also be complicated by the fact that several wedding dresses will seem beautiful at once – but this is certainly a very pleasant problem!

There are many criteria for choosing a dress – from the time of the ceremony to the budget. But now we propose to forget about the upcoming bustle and just enjoy the photos of new products and the most chic, elegant and fashionable dresses presented in the catalog ofour wedding salon in Moscow.

In the history of the wedding dress for a long time remained the famous outfits Grace Kelly, Kate Middleton, Princess Diana, Jacqueline Kennedy. Today, fashionable Olympus conquer modern, expensive and unusual wedding dresses that can emphasize the personality of the owner and create a special mood.

The harmony of traditions and current trends is the distinguishing feature of modern fashionable wedding images. It can be as luxurious wedding dresses with the original illusion of translucency, and fitting mermaid dresses with textured finish, in addition, sometimes to create images used unusual shades of fabric or unique details like feathers.

In the photos – exquisite options that combine conciseness and romance, charm and elegance, emphasizing the beauty of the girl. It is easy to become the most beautiful bride in them and to conquer all those present at the wedding celebration. 

Choose a model that will emphasize the advantages of the figure, for example, slender arms or thin waist. The degree of pomp of the skirt will also help make the silhouette more appealing.


The snow-white wedding dress, personifying innocence, is replaced by fresh trends of the wedding fashion for color variations from light cream , ivory and pearl to rich red, blue , pink and coffee models.

Due to the variety of combinations of styles, finishes and cut, elegant colored wedding dresses on a par with white can be considered a symbol of girlish tenderness and chastity.

The bride can use the shade of a wedding dress as a source of inspiration for the design of all other details, and you can make the color of the dress the only original accent in a classic setting – any solution will look incredibly beautiful.

The presence of different shades of the same color in designer collections allows you to choose the degree of expression of the image. I want the bride to be the center of universal attention or only delicately diversify the image, any of her wishes will be fulfilled!

A modern bride can choose a dress in any color to express her emotions and preferences. The red-orange palette includes shades from scarlet to pale peach and warms with warmth, blue and blue versions beckon with coolness, body tones create a seductive aura.

Pink wedding models surround the image of romance and girlish carelessness, and restrained shades of coffee, dusty lavender, ivory will emphasize aristocracy and elegance.

Among the most popular wedding dresses, models occupy a special place in the pastel palette, which emphasizes the tenderness of the skin and the touching blush.