Best Resorts for Destination Wedding in Kerala

Best Resorts for Destination Wedding in Kerala.

Destination weddings can be seen as announcement-day relief for the people who immerse themselves in its pleasure. However, for the one organizing the wedding, it can of course be a nightmare to find the perfect of everything to make this marriage memorable. And your rational does fool you into believing that having red roses instead of white, or having Type A cuisine over and above Type B can prove to have any significance for the amass amoral married life that lies ahead.

Well hold on your thought before you think any further, because you still are left with the herculean task of choosing a resort in Kerala for your wedding. Well don’t sweat it all too much; India Tourism Guide help you get this done with so you can shift your concerns to the petty matters in life. 

Also Note: Kerala is one fine place to get married, but equally costly. So, plan your sea-food, resorts, guest accommodation and other activities accordingly to not end up heavy in debt. The ratings have been provided below to choose the finest offer for the finest price. If that’s the idea you follow, then who can rob you but yourself.

Poovar Island Resort

Rating: 4 Star

It is a resort located in the area of Triangulum. The Island has its own beach located a few kilometers here and there. Airport is near, only 32 Kilometer through the Western Ghats. The resort sheds dozens of cottages spread across dozen acres of land that offer the typical hotelier services with the exception of Ayurveda. The banquets hall has a decent capacity of 250, there’s pool for cocktail and sangeet (if you’re into that stuff) and for reception you can opt for the lawns with 1000 capacity which can welcome even the unimportant participants.

Estuary Island Resort

Rating: 4 Star

It’s a stellar resort known for destination weddings (don’t ask why), but is quite similarly as Poovar Resort, it is also located 32 Kilometre from the airport although in a different direction. It finds itself on the shores of the Poovar Island Beach, with a seafront lawn idealised for wedding stuff, 1000 people won’t go anywhere inside it. With about 63 rooms and villas alike, the views are quite pleasant and reflect the beach and the backwaters. One can find themselves lying calmly in a pleasant boat ride absorbing the depths and vicissitudes of nature. 

Fun Fact: Backwaters is that part of the river which stays unaffected by the current, where water is stagnant. It can be seen as a symbol of calm and peace, or perhaps a static, monotonous and unchanging life.

UdayaSamudra Resort

Rating: 5 Star 

A few minutes away from the Kovalam Beach, and about 13.5 Kilometre away from the Trivandru Airport, the resort is located at a prime location. It is quite rightly one of the largest resorts with 225 rooms, villas and swimming pool separate. The lawn is gigantic and can hold 1500 people with absurd degrees of conformance. If one is lavish enough, they can always arrange some pleasures for the never grateful guests by throwing a pool party at the resort, not on the day of wedding, however that stays a novel option, but well before it.

VasundhraSarovar Premier Resort

Rating: 5 Star

It is situated on the backwaters of Alleppey. If you have a little bit of free time right now, which you have being the procrastinator you are then make a move of the hand and search for this resort’s images, they are bound to leave you close to an orgasmic state of mind, for the resort is brutally aesthetic that one would feel poorer just at the thought of envisioning a few moments spent their. The resort is struck with heritance-oriented motifs (recurring design) along with fine contemporary furniture. 60 rooms and villas find their adobe here, with limited capacity hall and lawns allowing a fine secrecy to conduct an intimate wedding but not as much as a court marriage.

Ramada Resort

Rating: 5 Star

Neighbouring the Vasundhra Resort, it is also located in Alleppey, and faces the backwaters. The resort has 58 A/C rooms (which is the expected norm in a humid place like Kerala), the banquet hall can hold around 450 people, while the lawn is large enough for 1500 people. Aesthetics are more or less intermix of heritage and respect for the current civilisation, but that can be argued. It’s best to see the aesthetics once before making a conscious decision to opt for this one, for visuals can sometimes be crucial than text.

Lakesong Resort

Rating: 5 Star

Surrounded by scenic serene water bodies, the resort is located on the banks of the backwaters of Kumarakom. The five-acre resort is entirely dedicated to artistic and postmodern cottages that have been constructed around an intricate networking of canals, bearing resemblance to the rural paddy fields. What paradox! The lawns as a standard fact can hold 1000 lives, while the banquet hall can hold 300 of them.

Once the arrangement is done, the guests have arrived, served, and all the formalities have been completed once and for all, you as a couple can now peacefully evaluate how you could have practically lived for years off the interest of whatever you chose to spend in the past four days.

Depression and Anxiety may await your doorsteps to make you realise the misfortune of succumbing to Status Anxiety over and above an accession with your rational, but soon you become pleased over a thought of your Honeymoon trip that is due next week. And continuing to cherish thoughts of the future, you dismiss and reject whatever pieces of present that stands before you.