Best GPS Device Latest Features & It’s Updates

best gps service

Tomtom, the popular brand that offers the best GPS services across the world. Using accurate and detailed information from Tomtom GPS Update, users reach out to their location without any hassle. With the advancement of technologies, there is high competition amongst GPS manufacturing companies. And Tomtom is winning the race with its exclusive features & services it avails to their customers.

The purpose of this device is chiefly to assist the routes from the updated map, alarms you about traffic, gives you options for the nearest hospital, restaurants, hotels, petroleum pump, etc.

best gps service

Note: To get the realistic data, the Tomtom gadget holder needs to have latest updated map. Read this guide, to know Tomtom map update process.

Apply these steps to update Tomtom Maps

In this article, we have defined each step thoroughly to update Tomtom maps. If you too want to have an update, go through the given process:

  1. The initial step is to install Tomtom Home in your system
  2. Next, attach your device to your computer via USB cable
  3. Once done, log in to your account
  4. Navigate to Tools menu and select ‘Use the latest map Guarantee’
  5. If new update of map is available then it will be directly displayed on display screen

Remember: Furthermore, if you are new Tomtom GPS customer then the updates will be notified on your email id.

Use these steps to Update Tomtom Device

All those who are in need to update their Tomtom device should check-out these below-given steps:

To update navigation device, you need to have either Tomtom Home or MyDrive Connect. If you are confused which program is suitable then go to ‘What program do I need to update my device?’

  • Make sure you are using latest MyDrive Connect
  • Connect your device to the computer and then switch it on
  • My Drive Connect will automatically search for the latest update and ping you on your system
  • Thereafter, click ‘Continue’ and follow the given instructions to complete the process
  • Once the installation is finished, the page will be redirected to My Content Page and the status of MyDrive Connect will turn on to ‘Connect’
  • Lastly, when the message appears of installation completed successfully, disconnect the navigation device from your computer
  • Now, you can use your Tomtom device with updated maps.

Latest from Tomtom

Tomtom has launched some mind-boggling features in its iPhone navigation app:

  • Customizable offline maps with weekly updates.
  • It provides carPlay support which helps the user to access Tomtom app directly from the dashboard.
  • Recently, the company has renamed Tomtom Go to Tomtom navigation.
  • The organization says map will automatically be notified with weekly updates to neglect over-crowded road, construction areas and all the reasons that can delay your travel.
  • Tomtom is available in Apple store and soon to launch on Android by the end of this year.  
  • The latest Tomtom versions have feature named ‘My Share’ which allows user to make changes in map if required and share it to millions worldwide.