Are you too orthodox for the fling generation?

In the digitalized era the definitions of all conventional phenomenon have been tampered with to suit human convenience. Well, that makes sense for change is the only constant that affects the world and we must change ourselves with the chronology of time.

We have smartly created pseudo forefronts of friendships, relationships, equations and even love. So like there are pros and cons of every other thing this modernization too comes with a set of cons!

What else would you call the modern day versions of love then?

So while it’s the time of the filing era, are you too orthodox to it? Are you still the old school lover?

They say you got to adopt with the era, modernise with time and evolve. But if you’re that orthodox lover too outdated for flings you would be struggling to find try love my boy!

Being that old school lover will make you very vulnerable to being hurt for it is almost impossible for an old school lover in this digital age to find another old school lover, yeah people might act ostentatiously as in telling you that they so believe in love but you know how it is!

Everyone likes to sail high on ambitions and dreams and pragmatically speaking, who has time for love?

Hence we have found our peace with flings because even if we don’t have time for love how can we not make love in bed? 

Funny right?

Well, that’s how the world is no matter if you like it or not.

But you know what? All these people trying hard to endorse flings will crash one day and their assertions would fall flat on their face. You know who would the one happier in the long run?

You, the old school lover would be for love is like a drug and people might want to go under de addiction by resorting to flings but they can’t stay away from love for long for love is that beautiful a feeling!

Also behind every flying Casanova is a love story that crippled so that Casanova would ultimately find his peace in going back to the shoes of being the orthodox lover he was.

That’s how the vicious cycle of life works!

You really don’t need to try to get out of your skin and try to play the fling master when you know you aren’t the one. It is completely ok to be orthodox especially when it comes to love and trust me on this it is something to be proud of and not sulk for your friends might tease you!

Love isn’t a Shahrukh Khan Picture which tells you love happens only once! Love visits your door more than once it is up to you if you open the door or not!

So just be patient with yourself, you don’t have to try to modify yourself and your perceptions of love. Remember you’re a human and not a car that needs modification!

Hold on to your true self, don’t let yourself be affected by how the world is for how the world is and how it acts is all a hoax! You’re living in a world of masks and you must not become one of these!

It’s absolutely fine to be old school and value feelings for you’re the most beautiful human then!

It is ok to not be like others especially when those others would have their pretentiousness busted one day!

It is ok to value people rather than objectifying them because people are meant to be loved and not be objectified!

Author Bio
Akash is an experienced content writer working in an SEO Company Panchkula. He likes to write content based on technology, startups and the latest technological innovations that people like to know and share with others.