Are You a Slave?

Are You a Slave?
On Monday, 10 December, we celebrated and critiqued 70 years of existence of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.
Celebrated, because there IS an Universal Declaration of Human Rights.
Critiqued, because in all the thousands of years of human history, such a Declaration has only existed for the last 70 years, and still there are discrepancies. There are many; daily. Pick up a newspaper and look.
People still prey on other people. Slavery still exists. It exists as human trafficking.
When addicts are intentionally created, it exists. And in the subtle art of blackmail, slavery exists. Are you a slave.
As human beings we, each of us and as a species, are diminished by each instance of slavery. In any form. By anyone, anywhere. We are most diminished if we are the enslaver.
“Man cannot afford slavery. He cannot afford duress. He cannot afford to tear his fellow man to pieces if he wishes to live any kind of a life at all.” said L. Ron Hubbard in the Freedom Congress.
One must look, and see. That is the first essential step to change a condition or circumstance. Read the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. It might help you change someone’s life. It might help you change yours. /