Are IVF babies healthy?

Yes, at Select IVF India, the babies born through IVF treatment are healthy. IVF is one of the most commonly performed procedures across the globe and millions of babies have been born through this procedure. Dr. Nalini Gupta is IVF experts who perform an IVF procedure outside the women body but in the IVF laboratory to form an embryo.

Are IVF babies healthy?

The only difference between IVF and normal pregnancy is that in case of IVF, your fertility experts at Select IVF India will collect your eggs and your partner’s sperms and fertilize them in the lab under the supervision of skilled professional. The fusion takes place in your test tube rather than your fallopian tube.

Why couples choose IVF to have a baby?

The couples choose IVF treatment because of many reasons for an e.g. male partner is unable to produce high quality of sperms, or female partner is unable to produce good quality of eggs or there is a blockage in fallopian tubes. With regular intercourse, the couple is unable to produce embryo due to which women are unable to get pregnant. The fertilization and fusion of eggs in the lab is an alternative of intercourse.

Once the embryo gets developed by the fusion of eggs and perms in the lab, Dr. Nalini Gupta will implant the same into the women uterus to achieve a successful pregnancy. It is the same procedure what happens inside the women’s body post conception leading to pregnancy.

According to the study, IVF babies are as normal as other children. In fact, until you tell anyone that he/she is an IVF baby, it is impossible for people to distinguish between IVF baby and normal babies.

We at Select IVF India, recommend IVF with PGD treatment to ensure that only healthy embryo will transfer to the women uterus.

Factors to achieve the highest IVF success rates

There are many factors that play an important role in the IVF success rates and these are as follows:

  1. a)    Intended parent’s age: The age of the intended parents play an important role in the success rates of IVF. According to the study, couples above the age of 35 years especially women face difficulties in conceiving a baby because fertility starts declining with increased age.
  2. b)    Previous miscarriages:  Your success rates of IVF treatment will dip down if you have suffered from multiple miscarriages.
  3. c)    Lifestyle factors: Consumption of alcohol, smoke or other drugs can decrease your success of IVF treatment and obesity is one of the major causes due to which your success rates will dip down. So at Select IVF India, we suggest couples to maintain their ideal body weight and also change their lifestyle to achieve the successful outcome.
  4. d)    Age and quality of eggs of egg donor: In case, you are using eggs of egg donor than to achieve the highest rates of IVF treatment it is important that egg donor should be young, healthy and fertile. It has been found that using the eggs of young women will increase the chances of pregnancy for women over 40 years as well.

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