Are glued-in or stitched-in hair extensions better? Why?

Jolin becomes a modern eve in the psychedelic music video of featuring song. In this garden of Eden, there is no race, no color, no gender, and everyone deserve a beautiful love! In order to present Jolin with a sexy dance feeling, the repertory team not only employed Derek Mitchell, a well-known teacher in New York who had cooperated with Rihanna, but also spent three hours on the hair, holding up 120 centimeters of pink macarons hair, making Jolin’s hair elegant and full of female sexuality! See how amazing velvetyhair hair extensions are! You may not be as gorgeous and powerful as Jolin by hair extensions, but there is no doubt that it will make you more beautiful and sexy. At present, the mainstream of the main glued-in hair, stitched-in hair and no – trace hair. Non-trace hair is one of the most effective, but also the most expensive, and far more than the other two. I’m sure most girls know this, and most people don’t think about non – trace hair when they do it, so we’re not going to talk too much about non – trace hair extensions.
Glue-in hair extensions are the bonding of hair into small strands (about 50 strands each) with special glue on the same number of real roots. The specific operation is, a kind of special polymerization body material is wiped go up in original hair tip, the hair that wants to connect again is pressed to go up with the tool, adhesive solidifies quickly, a wisp of long hair had been taken. To achieve a natural and realistic effect, you can only take about 10 strands of hair at a time. In general, it takes about seven to eight hours to divide a full head of hair into about 300 strands, with smaller hair divided into more shares and fewer strands. The new adhesive material is based on keratin and can be fixed while maintaining the dynamic nature of the hair. But at the same time this kind of technology is easy to let oneself of hair and connect the hair knot in the place that sticks, and because glue-in hair is an adhesive type, you may drop hair seriously. If you don’t take care of your hair at the end of the day, your hair will be bad in about two months. Glue will crack and dandruff will increase. All of this makes you want to get your hair done. As a result, Tony, a professional hairdresser in the big city, doesn’t normally use it. It’s only used in small hair salons in small towns.
If your hair is more than 5cm, choose stitched-in hair extensions. Start with four, depending on the softness of your hair. Up to 8 strands. It is to take a bundle from oneself head and the hair thickness that receive is equivalent. Then cross your hair with the one you plan to connect to form a three-strand braid. Then tie it with a professional rubber band and cut the wig out with scissors. It takes a lot of skill, and it’s hard to tell if the barber is good at it. But be careful when combing your hair, you might hook the wig off, and washing your hair is a bit inconvenient. It lasts for about three to six months. This can be even longer if you use proper late-term care, such as using an acidic shampoo, avoiding sun exposure and brushing your hair vigorously.
To sum up, the second method is better than the first one. Whether from the visual effect or the protection of the hair, the stitched-in hair extensions are better than the glue. Unless you’re really short of cash, we recommend stitched-in  hair extensions.