Hope you’re all doing great so I previously talked a few times about the upcoming 2019 iPads with initial rumors that stem from the reliable Apple analysts I mean she’s report which you wrote about two months ago after that multiple weeks movers started servicing about how we will be seeing a new iPad mini in the first half of this year around the march event. Any second iPad coming around the last quarter of 2019 being upgrade from last spring 9.7 inches Apple pencil compatible iPad but with a new report from as a time we might actually see both of the iPads and this first quarter of 2019. You should know that all Apple devices are also available on rental at iPad Rental for demo. Most likely have the WWDC events that will be happening around the end of March.

According to digit time to Taiwanese of pliers have said that they will be the once supplying this screens for the iPad mini five and the new 2019 iPad and they will be during this within the first half of 2019 and that’s pretty much to all the information they gave. Well the room is in leaks are still not adding up to give us an exact idea of what to expect from these new apple tablets. we’d you knew that these new pads will be entry  level with most of the upgrades being internal and because of this they should still retain a reasonable prize.

Most likely sting around the price tags of the current for generation iPad mini and the 2018 iPad. Keep in mind that that currying iPad mini 4 is prizes high and so Apple is only selling the high storage capacity. So we can expect a lower price iPad mini 5 with large storage. So based of the current boomers the 9.7 inch iPad will large screen sized from previous generations. Moving onto a 10 inches display not a dramatic size change but I also be noticeable.

This is a very widespread rumor now but we still don’t have any concretely dis supported but it could happen if this does turnout to be sure we might see some of design changes within this iPad. one thing could be is that the iPad retains the dimensions of the previous generation and gets a bigger display with thinner bezel or it gets a larger display last shrinking the dimensions and bezel is all around to give it a similar look to the new iPad pros. The current 9.7 inch iPad Apple pencil compatibility so this new iPad will good as well but will have to wait and see if Apples switches the iPad over to second generation pencil are still keep a compatible with the first generation. If we do get second generation and pencils support than this means that the new iPad would have to look much like the current iPad pro.

Switching from its curved sides to flat ones for magnetically attaching the second generation pencil. Now that I’m thinking about this the case that lead to three weeks ago with many reports claiming that it was for the new iPad mini with features at small size and then we had another ledge iPad mini 5 leak on twitter that didn’t match with that case. so we kind of made things a bit confusing maybe that elite cases actually for that tendons iPad that has smaller dimensions and that might confused some people to think of it iPad mini 5 case feature the shrunk in size from the normal 9.7 inches and cheaper.

If this is to be sure the case gave us some enhance and upcoming entry level iPads with a few iPad pro features like a larger happening for a camera indicating of flash and openings for caught speakers as well. now the interesting question here is if apple does  follows through with these rumors of second generation pencil support and design changed to the iPad pro look with the entry level iPad also switchover from touch id to face idea with the removal of the home button.

We do know that currently Apple offers face idea on the more expensive devices like the current flashes by phones and iPad pros. All these devices are also available on rent at iPad Hire so it would be a stretch to wish this on an entry level ipad but you never know. Apple is unpredictable at time so it could happen. Now moving onto the iPad mini 5 this one is probably the more predictable one with supposedly on twitter this iPad  will have a subtle refreshed should the first generation with upgraded processor.

Yet still keeping the same display size in dimensions as the current one and that’s pretty much all we’re really know. So with this new report from digit time we could expect two new iPads at WWDC event that usually held in late March which iPad are you excited about in what features would you like in them let me know in the comments below.

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