American Balayazh: Fashionable Coloring like Melania Trump

American balayazh: fashionable coloring like Melania Trump

American balayazh – one of the varieties of very popular techniques of highlighting. This method differs from the classical one by focusing on the strands of the face and by the combination of the freehand technique and highlighting on the foil.

The mix of these two methods of coloring allows you to get the most natural effect of color transition on the hair.

The most famous lover of American balayazha – the first lady of the United States Melania Trump. Looking at her, it is immediately clear that this hairstyle perfectly refreshes the image and looks appropriate at any age.

The choice of shades for coloring in the technique of American balasi

American balayazh does not imply any particular color. You can choose any that you like and to face. There is a mass of shades of ash, so the American blazing of wedding ideas of this color will suit different girls. Dark ashen nuances will look interesting on brunettes, and blonde will suit blondes and owners of light brown hair. The main thing is that the main color and undertone of the skin be cold – then the ashy will be “in the subject”.

How to make American balayazh: step by step technique

American balayazh always begins with classic highlighting and ends with the traditional balayazhem. We tell how the process looks like in stages:

  1. The hair is divided into several sections, starting with one of them.
  2. Separate the strand parallel to the parting, and using the handle of a thin comb, like a darn, in a checkerboard pattern emit small strands that will be discolored.
  3. Under these strands, they enclose the foil (it should be a little wider than the strand and twice as long) and apply a lightening agent with a brush, retreating from the roots.
  4. After that, the foil is “closed”, and the strand is put aside. The hair that remains from this strand is also removed.
  5. Thus, the whole head or the desired area is treated. Strands for highlighting can be wide and thin – this is at the discretion of the master.
  6. As a result, part of the hair should be hidden in the foil, and part – free. It is already treated with the help of the classic technique of balagaz. Strands of 3-5 centimeters thick are treated with a lightening compound with a brush, causing it in the form of a letter V.
  7. Depending on the desired effect, the master may retreat more or less distance from the roots. All loose strands are treated in the same way.
  8. The strands closest to the face are lightened as close to the roots as possible.
  9. When the lightening agent lasts, or the hair is brightened to the desired degree, the foil is removed and the hair is washed thoroughly.
  10. Then on the hair put toning composition.
  11. When it came out, the composition was washed off, and the hair was dried and laid.