Amazing Cake Ideas to Celebrate Your Child’s First Birthday

The thought of your baby turning one must be overwhelming. Soon you will witness his/her first words, first steps. That sure makes this first birthday a significant milestone. Don’t you agree that first birthdays are not really about the baby, but its more important for parents? Down the memory lane, it will sure matter to the baby as well, but right now it’s about the two people who’s world revolve around the baby, and you surely would want to make it a hit. Though your baby might not be capable yet of understanding that the group of people has gathered to celebrate him/her, but he sure understands something unusual is happening as a beautiful cake, gracing the table is not a usual sight. 

With all the things planned, have you decided on a cake? Gone are the days when it was sorted with a blue cake for a baby boy, and pink for a baby girl. As now there are tons of options available out there like designer cakes, customized cakes, fondant cakes, etc. to choose from. To make it easy, first, try to figure out what your kid is fascinated to like if he or she is a Toys lover or cartoons excites them. 

Here are some delicious cake ideas for your baby.

One in a Minion

You know what’s best about minions, they are not only famous amongst kids but adults too. If your baby is a cartoon lover, then serve up a cute minion (as adorable as your kid) themed cake. The cake is decorated with fondant. You can check recipes online and bake one at home but for a more finished look, go for an online cake delivery as they have expert cake artists who pay attention to every single detail and will save up your time. You will find different minion characters and can get your preferable one customized. Just wow your baby and your guests with this themed cake.

A Barbie Doll Cake

Well, your princess embraced your life with her birth, and this birthday is the perfect time to show her how much she means to you. For all the daddy’s princesses out there, a Barbie doll themed cake is just what you need for a perfect party. Though I am not generalizing the fact that if its a baby girl she must be loving dolls, but its a sign that you see her as your little doll. The flavours can be varied; just the theme remains doll shaped with an original Barbie in the center. Layers of cake and cream are stacked to create a flowy gown; You can even ask for an edible barbie if you wish to. 

Superhero Cake

Is it superman or spiderman your kid is more fascinated to? Maybe right now your little one is not able to decide which he likes the more, but you can do it on their behalf. With so many action series released in past years, you have a wide variety of superheroes like superman, iron man captain America, etc. to choose from. Not only this, if you have a baby girl, you can opt for wonder women or captain marvel themed cakes as well. It would be even better if you choose a 2 or more tier cake. Treat your guest with a Tasty edible comic character. Yummy!

Car Cake 

Till now, your baby must have decided his or her favourite toy car model. Is there any particular toy car or vehicle that your baby simply refuses to part ways with? Then why don’t you transform that vehicle and get that modeled on the cake too? Trust me, your baby will surely recognize it and it will bring a grin from ear to ear on his face. What more can you ask for?. For your kid’s eternal love of cars, go ahead and order a car themed cake in whichever flavour you like.

Micky or Minnie Mouse

All the childhood memories just rushed in, right? Mickey and Minnie rocked during your childhood, and they didn’t seem to go out of trend even in coming time. If there is anything constant since the ’90s, its the love for this one cartoon. Thank god they have started baking cakes too of this theme. If you are seeking for the most adorable cake for the party, you know exactly which one to choose.

Your kid is really lucky to have been born in this generation where so many options of the designer cake are available and delivered at your doorstep.  Choose the cake wisely as your child might not understand right now, but the photographs will speak in the future.