All About Dry Eye Syndrome

Are you suffering from Dry Eyes for quite a few years now? These might be the causes of that.

Dry eye syndrome is a condition in which your eyes don’t produce enough and/or quality tears to lubrication the eyes. To maintain the health of the front face of your eyes, tears are extremely important. Mostly the adults entering their 40s and 50s start facing this problem.

Why tears are so important?

Whenever you blink the eyelids, the tears spread across the Cornea – front face of the eye. Not only tears provide the lubrication keeping the eye surface smooth, but also reduce the risk of eye infection and wash away the foreign object. In case your eye has an excessive amount of tears, they’ll flow into the small drainage ducts present in the inner corners. Normally, the dry eye syndrome occurs when the tear product & drainage system is not in balance.

Dry eye syndrome mostly affects people in their 40s and 50s, and there are two main reasons behind it. So let’s dive in;

Not Enough Tears: there are several glands in & around the eyelid that produce tears. But as you age, the tear production tends to diminish. It’s not just about the age; there are other factors such as various medical conditions or side effects of medicines. Sometimes, the environmental conditions can also decrease tear volume because of increasing tear evaporation.

Poor Quality Tears: Three layers combine to make tears; water, oil and mucus. Each of these layers is meant to protect and nourish the cornea – front surface of the eye. A smooth oil layer is supposed to prevent evaporation of water, while the mucus spreads the tears evenly over the cornea. In case the tears evaporate quickly or might not spread evenly over the front surface of the eye due to any sort of deficiencies with any of the three layers, dry eye symptoms develops.

Conditions that Cause Dry Eye Syndrome

High Blood Pressure: As per statistics, around 75 million adults in the USA have high blood pressure. Normally, the high blood pressure puts an individual at risk for stroke, heart attack, kidney failure, heart failure, and peripheral vascular disease. But many patients having high blood pressure mostly experience dry eye syndrome Dubai.

Diabetes: Diabetes is known to be amongst the leading cause of blindness in the USA and can also cause changes in the nerve tissue. The conversations between corneal nerves & lacrimal gland nerves control the tear secretion. But when the peripheral neuropathy – diabetes-related nerve damage – occurs, this loop becomes interrupted thereby leading to eyes becoming dry. The longer an individual is under the diabetic condition, the more likely he/she is to experience dry eyes.

Arthritis: Adult arthritis is a complex disease that hasn’t been completely understood. Several inflammatory conditions like Iritis & Scleritis develop with the disease. So far these conditions have been proven to be painful & difficult to treat. This condition causes inflammatory cells and lets debris to build up in lacrimal gland thereby changing the eye’s surface leading towards dryness that can further cause the corneal scarring & visual compromise.

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