Light The Lamp Within | A Special Message on Diwali

A Special Message on Diwali

Deepavali is here, a time to brighten our homes and hearts. The messages of beauty, newness and freshness carried by the festival are being observed and celebrated differently in various parts of the country. Mythology shares that it honours the return of Sri Ram to the kingdom of Ayodhya after a 14-year exile, when people expressed their joy by lighting Diyas (lamps) to welcome him. So it is a celebration of victory and return of sovereignty. But like every other festival, rituals followed during Diwali holds deep spiritual significance. When we understand their sanctity and purity and imbibe them, it becomes truly festive and more meaningful.

Preparations begin with cleaning, painting or even renovation in many households. What does this spiritually signify? It is a message for us to clean our mind. We need to cleanse it to remove thoughts of anger, criticism, rejection, resentment, hatred, hurt or jealousy. The weight of all this negativity we have been holding on, is weakening the soul. Paint the mind with new colors of peace, love and compassion. We also need to clean our words, actions and behaviour. This has to happen every day and not once in a year so we eventually reach a stage where we have a constantly clean and healthy mind and body. Regular practice of meditation and spiritual knowledge help us achieve it. Gifts and blessings are exchanged during Diwali. Spiritually, it is a message for us to empower and care for each other. A blessing is a high power pure energy vibration which we create in our thoughts and also express it in words. We have all experienced that blessings of saints, parents, teachers, family and friends have created miracles in our lives. Irrespective of people’s sanskars and behaviours, when we create only pure thoughts and words, we empower them to change their sanskars. Our blessings radiate to them to become their reality and change their destiny. Not just on a festival, but our every thought and word should be a blessing. Giving blessings is the easiest way to earn blessings. Also, by connecting with God or the Supreme Soul we receive His blessings of love, peace and power.


Become a true well-wisher who transforms others’ attitude with your good wishes.

Checking:In your interactions throughout the day, check if your feelings towards someone are negative. Also check if you are expecting someone to change his or her attitude or behaviour.

Practice: Tell yourself each day, “Just as a powerful bulb when switched on transforms darkness into light in a second, there’s so much power in my good wishes that they can transform others’ negative attitude into positive in one second.”

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