A Pastor vs. Human Trafficking in Tampa Bay

A Pastor vs. Human Trafficking in Tampa Bay
Behind the social veneer in a country like the United States where it seems that everything is going relatively well, in a city like Tampa, prosperous and with rapid economic growth, the black market also grows.
Yes, the Black Market, denominated as such, already makes financial transactions outside the control system, outside the eyes of the authorities that could investigate the movement of illegal money. On this planet, the sale of Human Beings is the main source of income for the “Black Market”, with Tampa being the second city with the highest income due to the traffic and exploitation of human beings in Florida, and Florida being the third state in America that generates this income of money illegally.
A Pastor is faced with this fact in the street, to find a girl prostituting and wanting to help her find another way to get out of that world, to make a decent life and seek help in the spiritual world. Without realizing that he is being watched like a hawk for his prey, the girl simply disappear.
The Pastor without losing hope tries in a second attempt to help this girl, when approaching her, he actually sees what is happening, observes another woman who looks at him with an unbridled anger, who wants him to disappears from the place. The Pastor realizes that now his crusade will be more difficult than he had planned, since the decision now does not depend on the girl.
That is when the Pastor opens his eyes to a reality far beyond that shows a well-structured facade, where the girl is being sexually exploited, enslaved by third parties to prostitution and being part of the world of human trafficking.
Now more than ever the Pastor intends to help and make more people wake up and open their eyes to the reality that is under their noses and help to prevent this human misfortune, apart; of spiritual help that is a necessity more than ever. Share a message: “Know your Human Rights” and work hand in hand with the United for Human Rights, because everything starts with understanding, understanding things makes you make the most beneficial decisions for yourself.
“The end and goal of any society as it addresses the problem of education is to raise the ability, the initiative and the cultural level, and with all these the survival level of the that society ” . L. Ron Hubbard.
www.youthforhumanrights.org and www.humanrights.com know your Human Rights and make them worthy.