A Complete UK Plumbing Price Guide For 2019

A Complete UK Plumbing Price Guide For 2019

Plumbing complication is trickiest among the other issues in a building. Moreover selection of a non-reliable plumber can turn a minor issue into a major one. It can cause you to bear the cost of extensive damage with lots of inconveniences. So, you need a professional plumber to do the job. 

How much a plumber charges? 

As making an estimation of the expense is really troublesome, here we will let you know the factors on which the plumbing price depends.

  • Your address
  • Size and type of your plumbing issue 
  • The plumbing tools and materials required to perform the job 
  • Whether the arisen issue is a plumbing emergency or not 
  • Does your plumber charges on an hourly basis?

How much a professional plumber charges per hour?

If a professional plumber charges on an hourly basis, then it must depend on the time of night and day and your location. The standard hourly rate of a professional plumber in the UK is usually from £40-£60. But in case of emergency plumbers this rate will obviously high.

What is the normal daily rate of a reliable plumber?

Generally for any repairing case, a plumber in the UK charges between £320 and £375 + VAT. However, if your case involves with reinstallation procedure then the price can be raised up to £400 to £475 + VAT. Price can be also influenced if you are experiencing a plumbing emergency and called highly experienced plumber in London to repair it immediately. 

What is the labour cost for plumbers?

The plumber’s rate varies from one another due to the project cost or their hourly charge. Try to collect the quoted price from your plumber so that you can plan your plumbing budget. As repairing tasks are usually charged on an hourly basis you can ask your plumber the time will consume to finish the job. 

However, all plumbers in the UK will charge a minimum amount which is called as “call out fee”. Additional amount will be included in it on the basis of time- per 15 minutes per hour or per half hour. Though the normal hourly rate is £40/hour, you may have to pay 10-30% more on the basis of your plumbing issue’s size and your location. 

Price guide of ACO Drain 

AOC drains are extremely important for any property as it can funnel the excessive water and prevent it from getting flooded. The general price range of the installation of ACO drain is £190-£450. 

However, after inspection the complexity of the issue, you may have to pay an additional minimal charge of £40. Depending on the material used and size of the drain you want to build, the expense of ACO drain build-up will be determined.

What is expense of unblocking a drain?  

Gradually, neglected blocked drains can be worse by creating inconveniences and unfit to use a property. Apart from flooding, it is responsible for resulting in dampness which penetrates into the wall and floor making it extremely unhealthy to live in. 

You can make use of a plunger if the issue is minor, otherwise call out a professional plumber for professional cleaning of the drainage system. Alike other plumbing services its expense is also proportionate to the location and severity of the blockage. 

Average cost of unblocking a toilet- £150-£200

The cost of CCTV Drain Survey   

CCTV Drain survey is essential for those who are experiencing blocked drain issue often. It helps you and your plumber to determine the exact cause of the blocked drains. Accordingly, your plumber will perform the task and help you to get rid of the issue for a long time. 

Average cost of CCTV Survey- £95

The cost of drain lining 

The application of drain lining to pipes and drains restores its minor holes and leaks and influences its life span. There are only a few professional plumbers across the country master in installing the drain lining without pulling out the pipes. In this case, price is depended on the pipes length you want to be lined. 

Usual expense of drain lining of 10 metres- £900

What is the expense of drain cleaning?

Always book an experienced professional who will make use of proper cleaning agents and tools to unblock your drain properly. You can also get advice what to do next to keep your drains clean.   

Drain cleaning cost   

  • The price of initial inspection is approx £150
  • The price of toilet unblocking is approx £100-£150 
  • The price of scrubbing and cleaning of the Central Heating System is approx £450  

Steel pipes vs. Copper pipes: which one is better?

Whenever you are renovating your old dream home, you always replace the old piping system. Right? Various materials of pipes are available there to ensure the great plumbing system of your home. Among them copper pipes and steel pipes are most popular as they will last for a long haul. 

If you are looking for durability, then galvanised steel pipes can be your best choice. Though steel is a bit pricey but it is more durable in comparison to copper. 

The approx cost of installing copper pipes in a semi-detached house consists of 4-bedroom is £13, 954.

On the other hand, the approx cost of installing steel pipes in a semi-detached house consists of 4-bedroom is £20,117.   

What are the factors to consider while choosing a plumber?

Consider the below facts to find a reliable plumber in your locality:

  • Check out the professional qualifications
  • Find out whether they are Gas Safe registered or not 
  • Make sure that they offer written guarantee of their service
  • Choose an insured plumber and inquire about their coverage
  • Check their reviews
  • Examine the registered 

How to choose a reliable plumber? 

You must consider the above-mentioned aspects to choose the reliable one in your city. Recommendation is another factor that helps you to find out the reputed one. You can go for highly recommended emergency plumber in London as their popularity is the reflection of their unparalleled services. By this way your expense will be worthy as your piping issue will be fixed in a great way. 

Request for plumbing quotes

While contacting to any plumbing companies it will be better for you if you ask the plumbing services offered by them. By this way you can come to know in which plumbing service they are specialised in. Always choose such one who will offer quotes at free of cost! 

Look for free callouts

The job of emergency plumber is to reach you immediately on a short notice. You will find that most of the plumbing service providers charge an additional fee for this. Even they don’t feel the need to mention it in their quotes. 

Our emergency plumbers at 4D Heating and Plumbing never charge any additional fee to be there at your doorstep on time. We make it clear when we offer our quotes and can assure you to sort any kind of plumbing problem with our excellent services.

An exciting deal    

A reputed plumbing company will always focus on retaining their customers. Hence they will often come up with exciting deals for you. Some offer checking of boiler thoroughly at free of cost with boiler installation. With some you can obtain attractive discounts on hiring their service. 

An insured plumber may offer total coverage of expense of repairing your boiler and central heating system too. All these methods help them to get positive reviews and become the most recommended one in the city. 

Now, you have the idea of an average cost of every plumbing issue and you can discuss with your plumber to clear any further confusion.