7 Success Tips from Experienced IITians

7 Success Tips from Experienced IITians.
7 Success Tips from Experienced IITians.

“Success Is No Accident. It is hard work, perseverance, learning, studying, sacrifice, and most of all, love of what you are doing.” ~ Pele

Any person who has made it big in his/her life has been determined to pursue his/her most arduous passion. They never did astray from their dreams, in fact, their dreams are the most subsequent guiding force in their lives. Passion, determination, consistency, hard work are some qualities, which all the successful people in the world abide by. They dream it, and they give everything that is required to achieve it.

In this article, I shall put forward the encouraging views of some of the best IITians of the country. The aim would be to guide and encourage the young minds to follow their desires with all force and perseverance.

Following are the best success tips from experienced IITians:

Sundar Pichai – Who doesn’t know the CEO of Google. IIT Kharagpur graduate, Sundar Pichai values leadership quality over anything else. He doesn’t believe in individual success, but in the success of larger number of people. When asked about his definition of success, he explained – “As a leader, a lot of your job is to make those people successful. It’s less about trying to be successful (yourself), and more about making sure you have good people and your work is to remove that barrier, remove roadblocks for them so that they can be successful in what they do. So that’s how I’ve always thought about it.” No doubt that he is considered one of the sincerest people in the IT industry, who believes in development rather than individual victory.

N.R. Narayan Murthy – The co-founder and ex-chairman of Infosys, Narayan Murthy is well-known throughout the world. An M.Tech from IIT Kanpur, he believes in the magic of self-knowledge. The “Father of Indian IT” (as described by Time Magazine), Narayan Murthy believes in cornerstone of the Indian spiritual tradition: self-knowledge.He is a firm believer that self-knowledge is the highest form of knowledge. “I believe greater awareness and knowledge of oneself is what ultimately helps develop a more grounded belief in oneself, courage, determination, and, above all, humility, all qualities which enable one to wear one’s success with dignity and grace.”

Raghuram Rajan – IIT Delhi graduate, Raghuram Rajan, is an international professor, an Indian economist, and the ex-governor of the Reserve Bank of India. Rajan believes that a successful person may not always be happy, but a happy person always finds success in life. When you choose what to do, don’t focus on the end point. Instead, focus on whether you like the work itself. Not only will you be more likely to reach your goal, even if you don’t arrive at the end point, you will have had a joyful life,” is what Rajan believes in.

Deepinder Goyal – IIT Delhi graduate, Deepinder founded Zomato in 2008. It now works in 24 countries across globe. For him, success is all about taking risks. It’s a good thing to find out what you don’t want to do. “Follow your intuition, focus on one thing at a time and give it your absolute best shot. Take risks. Don’t be afraid of what could happen.  If you are afraid to take risks, very little worth remembering will ever happen.”

Manmohan Gupta – IIT Delhi graduate, Manmohan Gupta is the co-founder of Vidyamandir Classes, Coding Blocks, and Nagarro. After being in the education industry for many years now, Manmohan Gupta believes solely in the essence of hard work. “Without hard work, nothing grows but weeds,” is his mantra.

Padmasree Warrior – IIT Delhi pass-out, Warrior is Chief Technology and Strategy officer at Cisco. In 2014, Forbes recognized her as the 71st most powerful woman in the world. Being one of the most senior IIT Alumni, Warrior worships the true power of education, particularly for women. For her, “the ability to learn is the most important quality a leader can have.” And for her, “Tech is all about building human connections.”

Arvind Kejriwal – The Chief Minister of the capital of our nation is an IIT Kharagpur graduate. He believes in the power to change which is brought by education. He always guides people to use their education and the power it brings, to bring about change for the better. He feels that one can change a nation if one changes its education system.

Thus, all these successful IIT alumnae are an exemplar of the fruitfulness of hard work. They all had big dreams in life, and they were willing to pay the price to turn their dream, and that of a million others into a living reality. With hard work, courage, consistency, diligence, all of them have made a name for themselves in the history of technology, education, politics and so forth.