7 Secrets to Keep Your Kidneys Healthy: Doctor’s Advice

Kidneys are one of the essential human organs that is responsible for the balanced functioning of the body, from electrolyte balance to absorption of minerals and salts, kidneys are the basis of our body content.

If the functioning of the kidney is disturbed it affects many other organs like the heart, liver, and brain. So let us see a few of the points discussed below in the article which will help you maintain healthy kidneys.

  1. Eat the right food

Kidneys are a very complex structure, they can withstand fluctuation in your habits and food intake but it also has its own limit. Most of the imbalances in the function and structure of the kidneys are due to other major diseases like diabetes or hypertension and in response to this disease, the load on kidneys increase.

Take an example of hypertension where kidney becomes sensitive to sodium hence you need t to avoid it in your diet as much as you can. In short taking, a healthy diet route along with best weight management can maintain the healthy condition of your kidneys too.

  1. Drink as much water as you can

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The basic idea of drinking plenty of water is to maintain the water-electrolyte balance in your body, the condition of low salts or dehydration again disturbs the normal functioning of kidneys by altering the basic osmosis process that occurs inside kidneys, also being hydrated helps one to maintain general health condition too.

Drinking eight glasses of water at an ideal temperature of 24 degrees is recommended, but if you stay in a place more hot and humid you can increase the intake. Some believe that watching the color of your urine can guide you towards hydration state like deep yellow-orange color means the dehydrated state of the body.

  1. Walk at least an hour

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Along with healthy eating habit, daily exercise is an essential component for maintaining kidney functions as well as its structural health.

A regular bout of exercise or an hour brisk walk helps you maintain desired body weight which in turn can save you from many major diseases like diabetes and hypertension that affect kidneys, and even if you have these diseases regular exercise helps you maintain the range within safe values.

But doing the right kind of exercise is equally important as over pushing your body can lead to excessive protein and ketone production which puts pressure on your kidneys.

  1. Control of primary disease

As we have mentioned above that most the diseases affecting are secondary, if you have such disease you should take care to avoid any further exponential growth of disease by taking properly prescribed medication, avoid doing self-medication. Go by the words of your physician and trust him.

  1. Avoid drinking and smoking

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Both the condition produces toxicity inside our body which in turn destroys the blood vessels as well as decreases the blood supply to the kidneys. In the absence of normal blood flow, kidney functions fall too. In a recent study, it was found that both drinking alcohol and smoking can cause kidney cancer.

  1. Take a watch on your medication.

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Sometimes we take over the counter medication without prescription but one should understand that these NSAID (non steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs) like ibrufene are too dangerous for kidneys as well as liver.

Remember that if you have conditions like chronic pain or arthritis where you are likely to be abusing your body with painkillers, asks your doctor to have a watch on your medication and kidneys functions too.

  1. Get you preventive checkup frequently

We have to understand that most of the diseases today can be detected early and are preventable due to advancement in the science and technology, if you have family history or genetic predisposition toward some of the disease you should do the required screening from time to time, in such manner gross changes to organs like kidney and liver can be avoided if diseases like hypertension and diabetes get detected early.

The kidney is a precious organ of the human body as much as any other organ, for preserving its functioning and machinery one must take care of lifestyle they are following and the advice of the doctor.

Dr. Anish Gupta who is a reknowned urologist operating in the nearby areas of karol bagh says, “Eat healthily, exercise regularly and control your weight. These healthy practices are not new and definitely not specific to kidney health. Healthy kidneys like a healthy body.”

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