7 Secrets about Living in a Mobile Home

Living in a mobile home is not today’s trend, people used to live in them when mobile homes actually comes in the market nearly about 35 years ago. Living in a mobile home either single or double wide definitely has its own perk. These perks includes affordability, easy and low maintenance and of course the happiness of having your own property.

Mobile Home:


Apart from all these advantages, there are lots of entertaining facts which every mobile home owner should know. Although, we will try to add all the genuine facts, if we miss or tell you something wrong then make us correct. So let’s go.


  • Manufactured Homes Meet Federal Guidelines:


The number of people misinformed about mobile homes is absolutely remarkable. There are lots of rumors about the mobile home and the most common is that mobile homes are illegal. But it’s false; Texas built mobile home meet the Federal guidelines only if they are built in factories.


  • Mobile Homes Are Environmental Friendly:


According to the latest survey, mobile homes typically produce far less waste as compared to the tradition site built house because of their size and structure. Mobile homes are also energy efficient which is great from every home owner. By buying a mobile home, you are confident enough that it won’t affect the environment and moreover wont damages the natural resources.

  • Mobile Homes Are Customizable:

One of the interesting facts about mobile home is that it is easily customizable and you can easily design it what you like. From the floor layout to the ceiling, you can change or customize everything even if your budget is low. There are lots of people who think that mobile homes are for people who cannot afford site built house but the fact is that many celebrities also like to live in mobile homes due to its customizability and mobility.


  • Mobile Homes Are For Long Term Housing:


There are lots of people who believe that a mobile home is only good for temporary living, but it’s just a misconception which should be erased from the mind. Alike, site built house, mobile homes are also permanent. If you have land you can drag your mobile home there, and live there for the rest of your life. Another fact is that, there are lots of companies who offered skirting products which can make your mobile home just like traditional site built house.


  • Mobile Homes Are Popular Among Celebrities:


Do you know celebrities are more into mobile homes? Yes, you heard it right. Apart from affordability, mobile homes are popular for its mobility. You can easily drag mobile home from one place to another and this quality is catchy for celebrities. We all know, celebrities usually move one place to another and don’t want to live in hotels due to the craziness of the fans. So to relaxing in their own home, they prefer mobile homes.

  • Mobile Homes Are Different From Site Built Homes:

People usually think traditional site built home are very popular but when we see in today’s evolutionary world mobile home are popular. With the increase of value of site built home people usually scare or won’t afford to buy it. While with the introduction of mobile homes people can easily get their own property in affordable rates.


  • Mobile Homes Are Easier To Finance With Lands:


There are lots of mortgage companies who see mobile homes in an odd way. It’s a common sense that if you home is not attached to a piece of land than it’s not real estate or in fact it’s legal. So if you have land and want to put your mobile home on that than you can easily qualified for modified portage loan and may be better terms. There is lots of Texas built mobile homes which are on the land for permanent as the owner of the mobile home also own land.

Now you have understand all the benefits and facts about mobile homes, how they are good and how they are better from other housing options, you can head on out to find the perfect home for you. Always remember these homes are getting better day by day and meet all the same standards as a regular home. So find an experienced real estate agent or direct order your customize mobile home from the factory.  

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