7 Nest Software To Track Your Employees Performance

The performance of any enterprise is determined by the productivity of the employees associated with it. If employees honestly and with full integrity, a company can easily advertise its products and services to a large number of potential customers and generate sales. 

Lazy, dishonest & uninterested employees often have poor performance issues. Around 89% of all companies are troubled with insider traders. This causes a great loss to companies and their performance, sales, business efficiency, and revenues decline rapidly. 

So, in order to supervise the work of employees, companies hire managers. If a company has many employees, it is very difficult for any team leader or manager to monitor employee’s activities on a daily basis and determine the best/worst performs. 

Therefore, companies have started to use specially created software to track the performance of employees automatically & compensate them accordingly. Let’s have a look at some excellent employee performance tracking software. 



HRMWage is very useful software for all modern companies, job portals, business managers, HR professionals, firms, etc. It is cloud-based employee management & HRM software, which comes with a lot of features. HR professionals can use to digitalize the employee tracking process. 

All registered employees on this software can easily login through PC, laptop and mobile devices to mark their attendance. The software automatically captures the attendance of all registered employees, displays the time duration they worked in the office and tells HR professionals about their logout time, leaves taken by them, performance, etc. Documents of respective employees can also be added in HRM.

Employees can see their attendance, salary details, dedications made in the salary due to certain reasons, etc. It helps team leaders and HR professionals to supervise the performance of employees and ensure they come up with their 100% every day. This software also notifies team leaders, HR professionals, and admins if employees don’t show any compliance with the established rules and regulations. 



Salonist Software a popular Salon management software used by numerous salon business owners and entrepreneurs across the globe. It helps to automate your salon and spa business and allows you to control all daily activities. With its help, you can assign a specific task to your staff and see their performance on your mobile, computer, or laptop screen. You can easily view the sales generated by each staff, manage appointments etc.

It allows you to generate error-free reports of your business growth. You can easily get real-time reports about the performance of your salon staff and reward them accordingly. A good thing about this Beauty Salon Point of sale is that manage salon operations using mobile device.  



You can use Time Doctor to monitor employees and to analyze their performance easily and comfortably. Just install software on your computer, laptop, iPhone, and Android, register it and start using it for employee management. It allows you to know how much time is spent on work (by employees) and leaves. 

You can personalize the tool as per your needs with the help of its technical support teams. If your employees work on the hourly payment system, there is a function of tracking time spent on specific work. It lets you know the time spent by working professionals on different websites, social media channels, watching a video on YouTube. It gives you proper reporting about all activities about your employees during the work period. The software automatically takes screenshots and sends it to the admin. It allows team leaders to monitor the work done by employees and catch wrongdoers.



StaffCop allows you to measure the actual working hour of employees, their behavior on the PC, and work done by them for the company. You can use this software free of cost for 15 days with 5 employees. The system allows you to improve information security as it analyses the behavior of users and notifies the admin about any potential threats. 

Company owners can use it to prohibit/allow employees to download or copy certain files to external storage media. It allows you to take the screenshots of the computer on which your employees are working & track their activities. It facilitates remote administration and locks USB devices. It is a very powerful tool to stop the leakage of confidential information and catch Insider traders. You can’t use this software on MacOS and Linux.




Kickidler acts as a time-tracking software and helps you to monitor employee performance. You can use this software on Windows, MacOS, Linux. You can evaluate all its features in a 7 days trial period and subscribe to a suitable package as per your needs. It allows you to know which windows are open on your desktop right now. 

Based on the information, the software creates the performance dynamics of employees and let team leaders decide about the best/worst performs. It gives complete information about the daily activities of employees, leaves, lunch, and absenteeism. The video evidence helps companies to quash the false claims made by cunning employees to conceal their wrongdoings. The remote control allows you to configure programs or operating systems remotely on computers and track your employees easily. 



It is a cloud-based HRM software for all HR professionals and companies. It allows company owners, team leaders, and HR professionals to get all activities of employees on one page (in the form of a report), determine their contribution to the company, and prepare their salaries accordingly. You can use this software on any browser, iOS, and Android. You can easily create a hierarchy of all employees with its careful use. It comes with a calendar which contains information about the presence/absence of employees and reason for possible absenteeism. Reports generated by this tool allows you to determine good, bad and worst performs in your organization and manage them accordingly. 



Dentaltap is nice tracking software for all dentists and hospitals that deal with dental patients. It is a cloud-based software which facilitates the automation of dental business and protects your data without making any silly mistake. 

It also helps to important information from other software or program. You can make appointments with customers, schedule your staff to provide the requested services to customers and analyze their performance. 

With its help, you can monitor the working time of your hospital staff, understand their ability to fix patients, and remunerate them accordingly. It also allows you to maintain a price list for different medical services and see who are able to sell more services. 

The software comes with an analytics tool, which automatically records the number of visits, new customers, working hours of employees, etc. You can easily manage your dental clinic with staff management software & pay salaries to employees as per their performance. 


Final Words

It’s a universal fact that employees work very well only when they are supervised by team leaders and seniors. A manager can’t monitor all activities of employees because of his busy work schedule and other responsibilities of the job. So, pick any software from this list and automate the employee performance tracking work. The chosen software automatically tracks (based on your setting) employee’s daily works, gives you real-time updates and helps to run a company professionally.