6 Challenging Things When It Comes to Being a Beauty Therapist

The work of a beauty therapist is something that many people see as a simple, easy-to-learn and easy-to-do kind of thing. They do so maybe because a lot of people can also pamper themselves on their own without actually going to salons, spas and beauty therapy centers. That’s why they assume that beauty therapists are not having a hard time with their job unlike other jobs give. 

Well, while it is rude to think that way about someone’s job, beauty therapists actually do experience many difficulties with regards to their profession. Not everyone might understand at first, but beauty therapists have challenges which are not always visible to the naked eye. 

For you to better understand that, put yourself in the shoes of a beauty therapist, and take a look at this list of 6 things wherein beauty therapists do experience challenges.



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For you to be qualified and to be called a professional in the beauty therapy field, you must undergo, be trained, be educated, pass and graduate from authorized beauty therapy courses

There is a challenge, first of all, because you have to provide the right and complete requirements asked from people who want to enroll in such courses. It might be a bit easy if you just think of it, but in reality, it is not so easy to secure documents that you need, especially if you have lost some of them or if you still have to fall in long lines to obtain yours. 

Of course, entering in beauty therapy courses, also demand financial costs, as you will have to pay before you get the professional teaching and learning from expert educators in the field. There are learning materials and actual apparatuses you will need to rent and buy too in application segments of studying the courses.

The process of beauty therapy courses, just like in typical academic learning, is not a piece of cake because it’s basically schooling in a specific industry, and everybody knows that schooling presents many challenges as well. Learning itself comes with tests. On top of all, a big challenge is being willing to go through these beauty therapy courses and deciding if you really want to take the path it holds.



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As a beauty therapist, clients come to you and for your service because they need to get something done about their bodies. It is not a secret that beauty therapy is a broad industry addressing people’s needs and desires regarding the body. From the top of the hair down to the tip of the nails, beauty therapists are expected to perform for their clients’ necessities, demands, and contentment.

Although there are particular areas that particular beauty therapists focus on, it still puts some sort of pressure when clients do expect that you can do everything under the category of “beauty”. Even if you can handle everything, surely, there’s still a section in the job with which you are most comfortable and most confident when working. Expectations from clients do put a huge challenge to beauty therapists. 



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When beauty is being talked about, most of the time, health is with it. That’s because there’s something healthy in being beautiful, and being healthy is beautiful. When you are a beauty therapist, it’s a crucial thing that you make sure your clients’ health is maintained well and does not suffer only for the sake of getting beautiful results. 

Facial treatments? You are handling clients’ face and skin. Manicure and pedicure? You are working on nails which might get wounded and infected if not done well. Hair rebonding? There are so many dangers of this hair treatment to the roots, appearance and growth of the hair. In every aspect of beauty therapy, health is included, thus, it’s a top priority that, of course, also goes with a significant challenge.



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Getting these beauty therapy treatments is nice but risky. It’s nice simply because people get these services for comfort, relaxation and betterment of physical features they want to clean and improve. At the same time, it’s risky because it involves health, materials and products used are not known by clients, and they don’t personally know the staff who work on their faces and bodies. 

It’s an enormous matter of trust, and that’s another challenge for beauty therapists. Only if people trust you as a beauty therapist and only if they are brave enough to take the first step of trusting your ability which they have not seen and experienced yet, that’s when you will begin your business and your job.



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Clients get these beauty therapy treatments and all, wanting in the end that they will be happy and satisfied with the results. Here, it’s not totally about what clients see from your work’s outcomes but mostly about what they feel at the end of all the sessions and at the end of the day. 

That’s why it is important that you do your best, and sprinkle some love in what you do. Your relationship with your clients and how you treat them as friends too have an impact on their feeling of satisfaction in the end. 



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One of the biggest and most critical challenges is looking after your own health as well. Beauty therapists work on and care for other people’s beauty and health. Your job is to be certain that they get the best of the best of what your services offer. You ask what they need, and do so according to what’s required for you to provide it for them properly. 

As a beauty therapist, you do these and more, but who does the same for you? You also have to make sure that you are in a good condition always simply because you need to be healthy as a person. 

Working with different kinds of people is not easy, especially because some come with certain health conditions too. Other areas are also very physically demanding just like massaging and doing hair treatments. Always keep in mind that your health comes first because you might affect clients or clients might affect you.




Just like in anything, being a beauty therapist presents challenges in one way or another. There are easier times and things, but there are hard ones too. Remember that they are inevitable, but you have to be wise and tough also as you face them. Be beautiful and healthy as you provide services of beauty and health for other people. 



Nicole Ann Pore values hygiene and health that come along with loveliness. She writes about them as well as the significance of and the chief courses a good beauty school has for those who want to delve deeper into the beauty industry. Nicole is a daytime writer for MD College of Australia, a Registered Training Organisation delivering quality education and training in fields under the Beauty Industry.  | Nicole graduated Cum Laude from De La Salle University Manila, Philippines with a Bachelor’s Degree in Communication Arts.