5 Simple Weight Loss Tips For People Suffering From Diabetes

People who are diagnosed with Diabetes ( type 2 ), may still be able to reverse the effects of the disease if they take some serious measure for losing weight. Conversely, the majority of the people suffering from type 2 Diabetes are overweight or obese- it is very likely that your doctor will also discuss the benefits of losing weight. Therefore, losing weight is an essential and urgent need.

Before going ahead with the tips, it is important to know about Diabetes and why weight loss seems to help reverse its effects on the body.

Type 2 Diabetes

Daiabetes ( type 2 ) is a chronic disease which affects the body’s capacity to metabolize sugar. It either makes your body resistant to insulin or doesn’t produce insulin at all. Insulin is one hormone which is responsible for the movement of sugar into the body cells. Thus, affecting the blood sugar levels.

Why is losing weight an urgent need?

Being overweight means that your body is carrying excessive adipose tissue. The presence of added adipose tissue makes your body more resistant to the effects of insulin. Hence, this recommendation – of losing weight, is urgent.

Some simple and easy tips to help you reduce weight, while being a type 2 Diabetic

1. Consulting a dietician

Many times, the best way to go about a weight loss plan with diabetes is to consult a dietician or a diabetic educator to help you design the perfect plan for you- a healthy meal plan, physical activity, and realistic goal tracking. Focussed assessment of what you eat and do, can easily pinpoint some habits which may be holding you back.

2. Switching to a healthier diet

You may find some cookbook or food recipes that will help you put together some good and healthy dishes to reinforce your new diet. This will also help you find alternatives for some ingredients in your favorite dishes so you can continue to savor them.

  1. You should switch to the ones containing high fiber. Fiber is a good component to control your intake. You can try soups like Hyfyber Soup – high fiber soup for diabetics which contains fiber and helps you improve your diet’s fiber content.
  1. Your diet should be switched to a higher protein diet. Protein helps your body to gain strength and not weight. Souprotin is one soup that has a very high protein content and can be supplemented with your diet.

3. Eat wise, DON’T Deprive

Eating to reverse the impacts of diabetes is more related to making wise food choices than it is about deprivation. Once you make adjustments to reach a new normal food regime, it becomes easier to control blood sugar levels and cholesterol. You may go for some Diabetic Supplement Drinks to pair with your meals. They help improve your metabolism.

4. Exercising

Staying physically active is by far the most effective measure to refrain from regaining the lost weight. Exercising has many benefits but the most important one is that it makes it more convenient to regulate blood sugar levels. The catch here is that if you are insulin resistant, exercising makes it more effective. If your body doesn’t produce insulin, your muscles will still be able to receive the benefits of sugar (glucose). The conclusion is that, whether your body is insulin resistant or doesn’t produce any, exercising ensures your muscles can still get the benefit from sugar and consequently reduce the same in blood.

What kinds of exercise to do?

You should combine aerobics, strength training as well as flexibility exercises. However, consulting a doctor before you begin your physical regime is recommended. He/she will study your health and suggest the best duration and kinds of exercises for you to abide by.

About 30 min of aerobics is necessary to warm your body enough to avail its benefits.

You may go for:

  1. Walking
  2. Swimming
  3. Jogging/running
  4. basketball
  5. Power yoga
  6. Zumba

Once your body adjusts to this basic routine you can move forward to strength and flexibility. But remember, plunge into exercising depending upon your age and capacity. Strength training should be started only when your body becomes habitual of exercising. Flexibility comes later, which tones your muscles even better.

5. Staying hydrated

Dehydration and Diabetes go hand in hand as excess blood sugar reduces the functionality of kidneys as they are liable to work overtime to absorb the excess sugar. This expels excess sugar along with urine, however, also takes body fluids from tissues which could leave you dehydrated.* Hence, staying hydrated by drinking plenty of water, caffeine-free and no-sugar beverages is very important.

6. Use tricks to prevent over eating

Some sneaky tricks can help you cut your diet-damaging consumption.

  1. Change salad dressing system: Instead of bathing your salad with the dressing, take a small amount of it in a side dish and dip your bite into it when you eat.
  2. Try keeping yourself busy: A lot of times being idle makes you prone to feel like munching on. Keep your mind and hands off the idea- watch television, knit, play scrabbles or anything that works for you.
  3. Carry a toothbrush and toothpaste: When you feel the desire to eat something after you’ve already eaten, try brushing your teeth with peppermint-flavored toothpaste. It dampens the desire to eat.
  4. If you’re a party lover, try arriving late: This may seem irrelevant but is not. If you find it hard to control when you see others eating diet-damaging foodstuff, start showing up a bit later to avoid eating.

These tricks are not actually driven by science but psyche. Since the mind controls everything that we do, anything that keeps sweet and unhealthy food off your mind; helps.

These are some lifestyle changes and tricks that you can try indulging in if you wish to reach a healthy weight. All the above-mentioned methods are Diabetes-friendly and help you cope with its repercussions. However, one thing to be remembered is that their results are not permanent if you fail to keep off the lost weight. Your efforts directed to lose weight will only be successful if you continue to embrace the new way of eating, the one which meets your health requirements. These habits should last a lifetime!