5 Criteria’s to choose the Best MBA Program

Selecting an MBA program to apply for is about more than just rankings and scores. Your match with a specific program, both in terms of what you are looking for and what they are looking for, is extremely important. And while each program claims to offer a world-class education, different schools have unique different cultures, strengths and community vibes that will impact the next two years of your life. So, how to make a target list of good business schools?

Firstly, it is your individual motivation and future ambitions that matter when discerning information that is most relevant and important to you. So a proper homework or research work is necessary, else this is where things get tricky.

So when you choose the right MBA program for you, consider the below factors that will help you sail through your choices of MBA programs:

Duration of the Program

It is the duration of your chosen program that sets the pace of your studies, and your speed of re-entry when entering the job market. In terms of study hours, you can expect to spend roughly six hours a day in class, and roughly half of that in standard ones. However, a fast-tracked program is tempting if you want to enhance your skills before entering the job arena.


It is the location or geography that influences the strengths of schools and recruitment ties. Undoubtedly, the London Business School and Columbia enjoy amazing reputation when we talk about finance schools. But at the same time, there are benefits to escaping an ultra-urban environment. So your MBA program is largely dependent on the location you choose to go.

Strengths and Specialization

There are many programs that hold reputation in areas like real estate, technology, non-profit, luxury goods or finance. They might even offer learning internships with NGO experience and some programs come with a flexible curriculum that enables you to explore diverse opportunities. So make sure whether the strengths of the business school you choose align with your areas of interest.

Reputation and Brand Recognition

Brand recognition of a particular school can be a major differentiator. Make sure that the strength and reputation of the school support your career vision and your post-grad job placement. Harvard, Stanford and Wharton have terrific name recognition, but a world-class program like MIT grants their graduates with exceptional access in to university’s top-notch engineering school.

Career Opportunities

Obviously, you need the confidence that your favored schools are cool-headed to advance your career goals and objectives. You must talk to alumni and learn about their experiences, recruitment events and campus visits from potential employers. Moreover, you must also review the school’s career and employment reports, and then look beyond the starting salaries to assess career statistics and the recruiter data.


But all depends on your performance in the GMAT exam. Cracking the GMAT exam needs rigorous and effective preparation. And you can plan your GMAT preparation through GMAT Self-prep course, thus preparing for your GMAT exam on your own. Make sure that the online prep source you choose must provide you well-researched material in the form of books, additional practice questions, and online practice. For instance, Kaplan online prep course not only includes training and teaching but also comes with workshops so as to provide enough practice covering all aspects of the GMAT exam. You also get Kaplan discount codes on various Kaplan prep courses.

For cracking GMAT exam, you will have to be well-acquainted with the content of the exam and also with the testing conditions. Feel as comfortable and prepared as possible for every part of the GMAT. Practice with more and more official practice tests as the more familiar you can get with the GMAT format now, the less likely it is that you will lose significant time on the GMAT exam day. Acing your GMAT exam is not just about doing well and studying rigorously; it is also about avoiding traps. Remember, creating a proper study plan is a significant part of improving your GMAT score. So get ready for your GMAT exam!

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