5 Best leave management systems for small and medium enterprises

A leave management system automates the whole process of managing and tracking employees’ leave and attendance records. It is beneficial for both the management and the employee with real-time access. An online leave management system helps in improving productivity, ensures compliance and consistency, streamlines HR.

To reduce the burden of choosing an open source leave management system, we have put together the 5 best leave management systems to tackle the time-off process. Besides, you can also chek out some open source leave management systems.


Calamari is a leave management software that makes the workflow easier by automating the PTO calculation and easy management of holidays and attendance. It consists of two modules that provide address aspect of leaves, attendance, leave management and work time. The clock in/ clock out module keeps the tracking of records through the iBeacon with mobile technology and submit reports for late arrivals, abuses and overtime based on attendance policy.

Multilingual: Calamari management system supports a plethora of languages which makes easier for the multi-organisation.

Security and Availability: The system provides encrypted data services. All the data including timesheet, leave request of employees are kept secured. Backup and restoration of data is done and is monitored by IT experts.

Easy accessibility: Its integrations with tools like Google, Office365, Asana keeps the HR data synchronised.

Others: Apart from the above features, it also provides high scalability, team and organisation calendars, dedicated domain and iCal feed.

Attendance Bot

This autonomous system manages your organisation in a slack. It tracks the time invested in projects and visualise the data on the Dashboard and manages the bills of clients. It is set to rule both absent management and time tracking. To the admins and HR, they can create their more vacation types, accruals. It lets you query balances, extract impactful reports, ingest local holidays and integrate it with social platforms.

Time Tracking: It offers clock in and out with context. Typing in or out to the clock time makes the procedure hassle free. The timesheets inside the slack let you derive powerful insights. It excels in managing a powerful shift and schedule. Based on the shiftings it reminds the employee clock in or out.

Attendance management: It makes an easy way of getting approvals by customising the workflow. When a request for displayed, it is directly sent to the manager. It allows customisable leaves. You can define your own leave types such as paternity leave, jury duty vacations or anything else and can define quotas for each leave type to know how the leaves are carry over.


Elapseit is a business management solution that provides your business with necessary tools to supervise your operations, tasks, projects and schedules. It covers all aspect from resource scheduling, time tracking to legal document sharing, versioning.

Planning resources:

⦁ It provides one screen view to determine the company’s wide workload overview with people and project view. Hours spent on projects are displayed as assigned, burnt, validated with the help of Kanban chart and Gantt view.

⦁ Checks the resources for potential projects.

⦁ It provides custom graphs and reports to have an outlook of the whole system.


⦁ It provides different access levels for accessing data and ensures data security and pure confidentiality.

Invoices and Expenses:

⦁ It allows users to translate invoice in a readable language and consequently saves your precious time.
⦁ It lets you have detailed lists of expenses to configure the profits with a client.

Leave management system

⦁ It gives the whole view of the time off available and assigned to and to figure out the vacation dates easily.


⦁ The folders of the respective projects, clients created in elipseit are included in the file management system.

Time Plus Clock
It is a computerised, user-friendly and powerful system that provides dynamic solutions to your organisations. It provides a large number of options in terms of meeting the needs and price. The system offers both on-premise and cloud-based platform. It also offers a variety of ways to track time including web browser, time clocks or mobile apps.
Here is a list of features

Timeclock option: The clock uses biometric fingerprint, card readers and PIN entry. In addition to letting employing punch in and out, it also facilitates to provide them to log break time and cost code.

System Integration: It is integration with a number of payroll providers such as ADP, Pay choice,QuickBooks and much more which makes an easy transfer of attendance data and time to their respective payrolls.

Collaboration of mobile app with geofencing: Time clock plus uses geofencing to confine the time limits of employees and uses geotracking to figure out the exact location the employees punch in and out.

The mobile app lets managers check which employees are working and subsequent staff members are informed.


Peopleworks is an advanced HR technology which eases the function of executives.It provides a single HCM solution for all HR tasks and effectively manages the employees in different locations. With its robust technology, data security is ensured. Modular configurability removes the need for customisation.

User experience: The UI makes it simple and user-friendly. The onboarding and processing of tasks gets easier resulting in a consistent workforce.

Self-service portal: The employers are given the charge in their hands making them an important influencer, resulting in engaging a greater workforce.

Mobility: Peoples work ensures that the employees are connected to the organisation via mobiles or tablets to enable and enhance manpower.

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