5 Beautiful Gifts to send for Making the First Impression with Indian Wedding Cards

Gone were the days, when people send the “Mithai ka Dabba” with their Indian wedding invitations. Now they are going all “offbeat” and you can see some really unique and alluring wedding gifts send by couples with their Indian wedding invitations. If you are also looking for something like that, then look no further. For this post, we have shortlisted 5 beautiful gifts to send for making the first impression with Indian wedding cards:

1. A box full of customized cookies and chocolates:

What’s a better gift than the box full of little-customized cookies and chocolates? Who doesn’t love them? So if you’re all messed up with the idea of what to give as the gift with your wedding invitations to your guests, go with a classic choice- cookies and chocolates. These edible treats are loved and they are available at affordable prices as well. Another good thing is there are many variants available like jelly chocolates, salted caramel cookies, peanut butter cookies and so many more. You can have your initials engraved on that as well. Or you can even go for customised wrappings of these chocolate cookies and chocolates.

2. A hamper full of boxes of organic jams and honey

If you want to continue the practice of gifting something sweet other than the conventional “Mithai ka Dabba” then this is what you are looking for. You can choose sachets of honey or organic jams. You can choose one or can even go for a combination of both. You can prepare a little hamper box full of little containers of these delights. They look very regal and your guests will surely remember this beautiful gift. You can have your initials engraved on the box and to complete the whole look wrap it up with the beautiful ribbons.

3. Add the flavours with spice assortment

India from the archaic times is renowned for its rich spices that can add flavours to anything. So for your Indian wedding cards, you can add this exotic assortment of spices as well. Little glass containers full of exotic Indian spices like saffron, cardamom, cinnamon, nutmeg powder, etc can be your unique gift to send with your Indian wedding invitations.

4. Tweak your box of dry fruits

We know that you probably are thinking of what’s new when it comes to Dry fruits. We know that little pouches of dry fruits like cashews and almonds were sent with the wedding invitations for so long. But instead of sticking with these regular and conventional ideas, you can tweak it a bit. Go for walnuts, dried apricots, berries, etc and you can mix them with these conventional ideas. Another good thing is they have a longer shelf life and are non-perishable for longer periods which make them the ideal choice for sending outstation invitations.

5. Potted plants: an Eco-friendly gift

If you’re looking for something unique and can be cherished by your guests for a long time, then this is what you are looking for. Potted plants- yes that should be your pick as the gifts to be sent with wedding invitations. With the beautifully designed pots and mini buckets, you can send these along with the little packet of seeds. Don’t you think, it goes well with the trending “go green” theme and suits perfectly as “OFFBEAT”?

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