5 Awesome Summer Activities for Kids during School Holidays

What will you make your kids do during this summer holidays?

Studies nowadays take a toll on kids and they cannot do fun things during their academic calendar. Holidays open the eyes of kids to a world of new experiences and give them a different dimension to life. If your kids are not outdoorsy and love staying indoors during hot weather then there are certain activities mentioned below that can make them have fun as well as increase their brain development. Also, there are certain outdoor activities mentioned that will help them follow their interests, discover new passions and experiment.

1. Explore Nature

Being near nature, the kids come in direct contact with the elements of nature like trees, plants, flowers, fruits, water, animals and insects. This improves their psychological well-being which in-turn enhances their body senses. Kids develop critical thinking skills as they learn to draw conclusions and make inferences. They learn by seeing, tasting and touching flora and fauna in a way that no books can teach.

2. Outdoor Activities

Benefits of playing outside take for example cricket, lawn tennis, volleyball or basketball are abundant for kids of all ages. Performing outdoor activities like swimming can be an exceptional way to enhance learning abilities. The kids acquire important life lessons, learn new information, cultivate problem-solving skills and develop sportsman spirit. Kids come in direct contact with fresh air and sunshine which increase their physical stamina and fitness and get easily acclimatized to any weather. Being in open natural surrounding and playing with other kids will boost their creativity and acquire social skills.

3. Indoor Activities

Playing is not merely for fun, it is a state of being active which majorly is a stress-buster. Instead of being out in scorching heat, indulge your kids into indoor activities like puzzle block games, Ludo King, Pictionary that will provide mental learning benefits and opportunities. The indoor games increase the visual special awareness, hand and eye coordination and develop problem-solving skills. Puzzles are fun ways to cultivate and refine their fine motor ability as well as cognitive skills which in-turn increases their self-esteem.

4. Education with fun

Summer schools are becoming prominent that helps students practice skills that they are interested in like languages, arithmetic mathematics, and mental mathematics. Mental Maths using Abacus is becoming relevant these days which helps kids to solve complex calculations and bring up their confidence and concentration level. Appending various other techniques like an abacus in kids’ education reduces mistakes as it stimulates both the side of the brain.

5. Visit historical places

Trip to historical places is one of the most interesting things you can make your child do during his summer holidays. It will help your child get interested in exploring new things as these places are a treasure cove of information. The interactive nature of historical places will create a productive environment for learning as your child will get to explore and draw facts.

Make your child indulge in any such activity this summer to help them enhance their intrapersonal skills to succeed in life.

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