4 things you have to think about Mattu Pongal

4 things you have to think about Mattu Pongal and why it is commended – he merriments of Pongal have begun when the whole family meets up to thank run for furnishing us with nourishment. While it is the primary day, it will be trailed by Mattu Pongal. While you are caught up with preparing for the celebration, we present to you 5 reasons why Mattu Pongal is praised. Look down for the subtleties.
1. Starting point of Mattu Pongal. Legend has it that one day Lord Shiva asked his bull Nandi to visit Earth and advise people to eat once per month and clean up each day. Rather than saying this, he advised the humans to clean up with oil once per month and eat day by day. This incensed Lord Shiva and he requested that the bull remain on Earth just and furrow fields to enable individuals to develop more nourishment.
2 How is the day celebrated? On Mattu Pongal, steers are washed and their horns are shaded. Their horns are shrouded in metallic tops as well and their necks are decorated with ringers, dabs, wreaths, parcels of corn and so on. On this day individuals complete aartis after which they contact the feet and leader of the beautified bull. From that point onward, the bull is offered the prasad.
3 How is the celebration celebrated? Amid this celebration, individuals wash their cows, dairy animals, bulls and other ranch creatures. They additionally make rangolis with flour or hued chalk powders in or outside their homes.
4 Offering that is made amid Mattu Pongal. Pongal essentially implies rice. So it is put on the rangoli otherwise known as kolam which is made by the onlookers of the celebration. Other than rice, different contributions are additionally given to cows, for example, sugarcane, turmeric, ginger, and so forth.