April 1, 2020

4 Must Visit Places to Visit in Indonesia

Indonesia is popular across the world for its diversity of cultures, landscapes, and cities. The environment of this place and its natural beauty is all the more tempting. This place attracts the tourists completely to this point. Indonesia is also known for its ancient temples and adventurous places to visit there. Also, there are busy streets in the capital city, Jakarta which can make you feel all the more exciting. Due to a number of different places to enjoy the time, Indonesia is widely preferred as the popular tourist destination all over the world. In this post, we will enlist the popular places to visit in Indonesia.
Beaches of Bali – Although people know Bali for its beaches, this place has many other places of cutural importance as well as traditions to visit. The blue water and warm sand make the beach experience of a person worth remembering. One of the most popular beaches is Kuta. Here a person can involve in adventurous sports as well as enjoy sunbathing.
Due to the popularity of this place, there are a number of restaurants available here where a person can eat a wide variety of international level food. Nusa Dua beach is perfect for those who want to enjoy the serene environment this place offers. Sanur is known for cultural importance and here one can enjoy water sports in a great way. Bali is very popular among couples and must visit for them.
Gili Islands – In Lombok, Gili islands draw the attention of the tourists from all over the world. The scenic islands challenge the beauty of Bali islands and are among the beautiful places to visit in Indonesia. Also, one can enjoy snorkelling and diving at a Turtle sanctuary.This place is popular for turtles and a wide variety of turtles are found here. Kayaking is also popular in Gili Islands and one can also take yoga classes here to give a sensation of peace to his mind and body. If you don’t want to go Bali then Gili islands has much more to offer for you.
Borobudur – It is the popular temple to visit in Indonesia and people come here every year from across the world. The ancient temple was built in 8th century and was constructed in the shape of a traditional Buddha Mandala. Not only this, it is a UNESCO World Heritage site and popular among Buddhists. Borobudur is situated near Yogyakarta, an old Javanese city known for its rich cultural and historical importance. For many centuries, people stopped coming to this temple because of volacnic eruptions. But in 18th century, it managed to attract people again and is one of the popular attractions in Java in today’s time.
Komodo National Park – Komdos are deadly animals found in Indonesia. These are found in Komdo National Park which encompasses five main islands and also marine areas. Komdos drangons are the source of attraction to these places. Apart from this, people can indulge themselves in snorkling, hiking and canoeing. People come to this place in boats and enjoy the beauty of this place fully.
So, these are some of the popular places to visit in Indonesia. Not only this place is popular for islands and marine life but also it offers a number of other cultural trademarks to visit. So make sure you visit these places because in the future everyone will be traveling to space for holidays, so enjoy your time on earth while it lasts.

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