3 Myths about Influencer Marketing Debunked!

3 myths about Influencer Marketing debunked

Marketing and promoting a business through an influencer is as yet a new trend in the advertising scene as it has just been around for a couple of years. This implies there is a lot of myths gliding around and misguided judgments in this sort of business. To benefit well from the Influencer marketing for your business (big or small), it is important that you know and figure out all the myths and know the truth. With this article we are making it our main goal to teach both marketing specialists and the consumers on how influencer promotional and marketing strategies can help function profitably and why it is digging in for the long haul.

Here is the rundown on several marketing myths debunked.

  1. The marketing through Influencers is unidentifiable

You must have heard a number of people saying this and let’s see if we testify it or not. Generally people who often, as a rule, say this, are customary media houses saying that their TV adverts are the response to contacting your group of audiences. Sorry however this legend is absolutely debunked, as per the track results obtained by a digital performance marketing agency¸ from attention to click-throughs, transformations, downloads and even investors on an application, this seems to be nothing but merely a myth.

  1. The pay should be made as per the influencer’s followers or reach

Vanity measurements, for example reach and followers, were previously used to pass judgment on the adequacy of an influence. Following the old logic of big name support, the higher the range = the higher the impact created by that particular Influencer. This is what is believed in, specifically in Pakistan. However, the case is, in reality, a different scenario. Brands need to take a thorough look at further measurements, for example, click through rates and conversions to tell the genuine impact of an influencer. Relying on the reach and followers is a bad idea.

3. Somebody has the appropriate response                                             

If you see a platform that claims to be a one stop shop for all, you think it is an ideal match for each brand? No, it is not if you nodded yes.  One platform cannot be the answer to all. Influencer marketing and the channels on the social media play a different role each day and transform depending on different factor, different vector, KPIs and the individual brand. It is just through ceaseless adjustment,  and a viewer-driven approach would agencies be able to offer a genuine capacity to run an influencer battle.

Hence it is safe to say that these myths about the influencer marketing have been right debunked. Influencer marketing isn’t exactly as basic as people and brands originally suspected, there is a lot more to it. In case you are planning to get in touch with an influencer or want your overall online marketing done by an authentic digital marketing agencyin Pakistan, contact Aimhike.